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Things to Avoid in an Engagement Ceremony in London

A good engagement ceremony means a better wedding ceremony. Many people think of engagement ceremony as not so important day, but the trends are turning, and engagement ceremonies are getting fancier every day. But what makes an engagement ceremony a good one? Different people hold different opinions on that one but there are certain things to remember and avoid to ensure that your ceremony does not become a bad one and regretful. Those are as follows –

  • Social media before reality – This is very surprising that people are so eager to boast about their engagement on social media like Instagram and Snapchat that they forget living in the reality and continue to obsess over the next post they are going to make.
  • Saying yes to every person’s opinion – Engagement ceremonies is exciting, sometimes more exciting to the people close to us. Everyone wants things to go their way and they go on suggesting about caters, the party venue, engagement ring london, etc. But it does not necessarily mean you have to make decisions on every opinion you get because it will hinder your choices and can cost you more than your budget. You can be polite about your disagreements and that’s fine.
  • Stressing too much – Now it’s pretty natural that you’ll be overwhelmed by looking at all of the guests and the celebration because everything is going to be centred on you and your partner. Don’t start stressing out too much about it and also don’t start planning about the wedding already. Stressing about the wedding can really restrict your happiness at the moment. So instead, chill out a little bit and start enjoying what’s going on at the moment.
  • Not hiring a photographer – Would you actually need a photographer? Yes! Don’t think of your engagement as just as an engagement of rings. You don’t want to miss out on taking aesthetic shots of your effortful outfit and your ceremony. People who got engaged and didn’t hire a photographer generally regretted it. This is useful information to know as you don’t want to repeat the same mistake. 
  • Not inviting guests – To avoid the fuss of whom to invite and who not to; make an inviting list beforehand and then make an invitation. If you don’t make any invitation list, chances are that you are going to skip on to one or the other person who is close to you. Conducting the ceremony with all of your close ones would make it more auspicious.
  • Selecting the engagement ring in hurry – The engagement ring is something you need to be careful about. Spend some time deciding what type of ring to buy. Hatton garden jewellers London has one of the best collections of engagement rings. There are so many things that you need to take into consideration while selecting the ring such as the metal, the diamond, the design on the band, engravings with a personalized message, etc.

Of course, there is no hard and fast rule for having a specific thing for an engagement. It completely depends on the budget and location. London being one of the popular travel destinations in the Europe has significantly high demand for everything. This checklist will help you to avoid some simple mistakes for a smooth engagement ceremony.