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Things to Avoid When Playing Mobile Betting

It’s with no doubt that mobile betting is taking a lead role as far as placing your bet in online casino Malaysia is concern. Gone are the days when bettors had to track a lively casino for quality odds and winning games. The only difference between casino houses and mobile betting is the ease of either making or losing money. One needs you to be physically present in some lavish building, being served by smart agents and surrounded by fans while the other is less demanding. All you need is for gambling online such as in 12Play Casino platform, is actually all dedicated internet access and a reliable iPhone repair if needed and you can enjoy on a couch that get you the maximum comfort.

Concern on Betting in Online Casino

The whole gambling landscape has changed and has come with both the good and the worse. Certain individuals can now afford a lavish lifestyle and some are busy struggling with the negative and less-friendly habits of online batting. If you’re to see the best of results from mobile betting; here are some of the things to avoid.

1. The greed and fear of mobile betting

There are normally two types of bettors; gamblers and investors. A gambler believes he’s due to win no matter the circumstances and an investor understands the money game and of course when to quit and call it a day. People with a fear of losing their money through mobile betting often lose faster since their decision-making process can easily be compromised. They engage emotions 8, pressure in every step they take and this is always the worst thing to do.

2. Betting big after a series of small losses/wins

Losing a bet has nothing to do with the amount of stake. It’s either you didn’t do your analysis well or the odds were just against you. Staking high after a series of small losses won’t do you any good if you’ve not revised your strategy. Before going on a betting spree, especially after a disappointing dry spell- take a break, double check your plan and switch the gameplay.
Tiny victories, on the other hand, doesn’t guarantee a winning ticket the next time you bet big. If you’ve enjoyed a series of wins, you should keep your mind open rather than expecting continuous wins.

3. Faulty reasoning

Many bettors have an instinctual perception that certain things aren’t meant to last. They hold strongly to the concept that if something happens more often in a given span of time, it will happen less frequently in the future. This is a common fallacy among gamblers that has cost many a fortune. Every spin of a roulette wheel, for example, is made independent of past spins. This means if the black number has hit the last 5 spins, it’s not guaranteed that a red number will dominate in the near future.

4. Ignoring red flags or positive signals

It’s not easy to make predictions but you can watch the flow of events and stay on the safer side. The best way to know what’s going on in the betting and gambling landscape is to mimic professional bettors. Most casino and sports betting investors win at a high rate and have a long track record of success.

To spot the red flags, look for reverse line movements. The latter happens when the line moves opposite to the betting percentages. Another good example, in sports mobile betting, is when the odds suddenly drop or keeps fluctuating. By keeping a track of these signals and betting based online movement, value, and percentages; you can stay ahead of the game and make smart decisions.


Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are you going to be a millionaire overnight. It takes times and proper planning for everything to be successful. Avoiding these mobile betting sins is one way to staying on course and building your steps to a fruitful online betting profession.