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Things to Consider Before Buying a VPS

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You may ask yourself, why you need to buy a VPS. What are the advantages of buying a VPS? Which VPS service provider will provide the best service for you? And even wonder about things to consider before buying a cheap offshore VPS. If you wish to get an inexpensive option for your online activities that fit to your requirements, reading this post will help you a lot.

Before purchasing a VPS service, you have to make sure that you know what you need. Since there are the great numbers of online activities and applications need a VPS service, you need to know what you are looking for to buy. You will also need to decide about sharing service or a dedicated one. As you know, shared services are a little slower that dedicated VPS servers. Therefore, they are not very suitable for big website and businesses.

On the contrary, dedicated VPS servers have their dedicated resources that will make it more expensive than shared VPS services. However the security of a website with dedicated VPS is higher than shared plans. But why you should buy a VPS?

Why You Should Buy a VPS Service?

There are a lot advantages behind buying a VPS service. Here is some of them:

  • Easy to setup
  • Cost- effective
  • Whether select a shared VPS or Select a dedicated one, they are affordable and secure
  • They will come with ability to customize and add additional services 
  • You will have a great control over your files, data, operating system, and software
  • They allow you to configure specific requirements
  • You can host multiple services 
  • The security of your website will be higher

As you can see, we listed some of the good advantages of a VPS. But before every purchasing, you have to consider some important items.

The Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying a VPS

After identifying your requirements, you should consider this fact that there are lots of VPS hosting providers to choose. But it’s your task to select the best provider based on your needs. Therefore, before choosing a VPS plan, you have to consider some important things. Some of them are listed in the following:

  • Physical Location

This is one of the most important things to consider before buying a VPS. It is recommended to use a VPS in the location where you can take a lot of traffic.

  •  Managed Vs Unmanaged VPS Service

If you have some previous knowledge, or you are a tech-savvy that is able to manage the software, application, and services such as VPS, then, an unmanaged VPS hosting service is suitable for you. On the other hands, of you are less interested to extra works, or technologically clueless, then, a managed VPS hosting service is perfect option. However, it is more costly but worth it. Using a managed VPS service will help you to manage and monitor your website without any need to others. 

  • Price

The most noticeable factor to consider before buying a VPS is Price. You should select a service that worth the paying price (budget vps). There are a lot of goof VPS service providers such as Routerhosting that offer you the best option with unbelievable price. Using a VPS provided by Routerhosting, you have also the option of ONE WEEK GUARANTEE for testing the service. If you will unsatisfied, Routerhosting will return your whole money back. 

  • Uptime and Reliability

Your website uptime is the times when your business is open to customers. So, you should select a VPS hosting plan based on offered uptime and reliability. The best VPS hosing provider is the one that will guarantee them the most. Routerhosting will offer you 99.99% uptime and reliability that is extraordinary and perfect to your needs.

  • Support

We recommend you to select a VPS hosting provider that offers a 24/7/365 support. Routerhosting will guarantee this option, too. When you run into any technical difficulties, they can reach out and resolve your problem very soon.

  • Backup Service

Back up service is another important item to consider before buying a VPS service. You know, it is very important to always backup your website. Having a regular backup service will help you on those situations when your VPS is infected and you lose all your data. Select a web host that perform regular backups oh your VPS is one of the most important items to consider.

Routerhosting will perform the regular backups for all of its VPS services. Purchasing a VPS from Routerhosting, you have the best options that are private to you. You can also utilize a VPS with the best hardware facilities. It also provides you the best expertise support team that will help you in the case of any technical problem.