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Things To Consider Before Designing The Website Design 

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In this digital era, it has become crucial to have a successful online presence – it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it matters even more than the offline or real-world presence. To illustrate, if you create a website and someone doesn’t like the design, it’s the same as someone saying, “ew!” while passing by the shop. So, the point is that a proper web design is important to operate these days and even the smallest mistake can ruin your customer’s experience. For this reason, it’s important to think-through your website design and consider the factors before you dive deeper into the designing process. Are you ready to make a website design that sells, then? 


What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t work? It’s useless! 

So, while making the website design, make sure that it has usability and the website is usable for everyone, including the average ones. Many companies make the mistake of designing websites for masters and tech geeks but keep it mellow for everyone. 


The second factor to consider is the speed. Imagine loading a website and having to wait for minutes to get access – would you ever use that website again? You know the answer! 

For this reason, whichever website design you select, it must comply with the speed standards. It’s suggested to keep the loading time within three to five seconds to ensure you don’t lose a customer. 


Take a back seat and think – would you choose a well-made and captivating website to shop something or a simple HTML website that doesn’t look like anything? Remember, as a brand, you’ve to create and curate aesthetics in your website design. This is because the feel and look of the website needs to be on point if you want to land the customers. In fact, various researches have said that websites only have ten seconds to impress a customer, so use your aesthetics to grab that opportunity. Also, make sure that you don’t overdo the colors because that’s very 90s. The drill is to opt for sharp and brand-related colors and graphics.  


There was a time when customers didn’t care about the content because the modern customers are extremely picky about the content. It doesn’t matter if your website looks amazing and functions smoothly, they won’t trust your brand unless you’ve correct content uploaded. Also, it’s high time to let go of text-based content because video content converts more. 

Contact Details 

Do you think customers will choose to trust you if you stay anonymous? We hope you just shook your head! 

So, while considering the factors to consider for your website design, make sure that your brand’s contact information is available. Also, only add the valid and active contact numbers and:or email addresses. 

To conclude, these are some must-consider factors when you are trying to create a website design that converts and brings in more sales. Having said that, create a user-friendly web design Singapore and flourish your online presence!