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Things to Know When Planning Country Club Weddings

Every couple’s dream is to be married in some unique space, so it keeps beating in memories for a longer period. Nothing can compete in scenery and backdrop view with a country club. Usually, these country clubs are situated in suburban areas. Each club has its own rules, regulations, and traditions. If you are looking for some country club for your vows, keep some key points in mind. These points will help you to select the best match and stress-free club for your marriage. Moreover, you will feel free on your big day. 

Things to Know When Planning a Country Club Wedding

Here is a detailed list of things you should keep in mind while selecting an appropriate country club that meets your requirements.

Membership Requirement

One of the most obvious questions that must be questioned before booking any country club: do membership is required to host the wedding at the country club? Though the question is unique, the answers will be different. Some clubs will strictly tell you that you can host only when you are a member of that club. Some clubs open their doors to the public. 

On the other hand, some clubs will give you the option of sponsorship. You can marry at the country club if your relatives or friends are members of your desired club. If you can afford it and are interested in being a part of a specific country club for a longer period, then avail the membership opportunity. However, do proper research before booking any venue. 

The Backdrop of the Venue

This point may sound strange, but one of the most important things to know when planning a country club wedding. Although, the country clubs are famous for jaw-dropping interiors and lush green landscapes. There are many spots at a country club for different activities, i.e., some accommodate weddings, others fit for parties, etc. 

Therefore, visit before you finalize the deal and have a look at your allocated spot. Is it near a rustic gazebo and suited most to your vows? Make sure that your spot provides the perfect backdrop for your big day. If it requires any improvement, you can improve it with special centerpieces. Do visit the Sziqiqi to find some heart-whelming centerpieces. 

Rules and Regulations

The other thing you should be clear about is the rules and regulations of the club. Each country club runs according to its rules, and you must follow them. Although, you can say that our event is private. But you must know that many other activities are happening parallel to your ceremony. 

You should be aware of the upper limit of music in DB. What will be the procedure for closing the ceremony once the time is over? Usually, the club manager instructs these rules and regulations earlier to avoid inconvenience. 


It’s a minute thing to consider about marrying in a country club because clubs ensure members’ privacy. However, privacy is a significant concern of both groom and bride, that there will be no outsiders on their big day. Therefore, you should once check the privacy reputation of the club. 

Hand over a list of guests to the club manager so that the management only cherishes the respected guests mentioned in the list. In this way, there will be very few spectators. Most of them are the people who are at the club to enjoy golf in the evening, and they are beside your allocated park. So, feel comfortable on your big day.

Wedding Decor

As mentioned earlier, country clubs are usually lush green and have jaw-dropping interiors. You can utilize all of these things as your wedding decor. Using them will be cost-effective. However, if you are looking for extra decor, you must be concerned with the management of the country club.

Like you are interested in glowing your space with candles. Some spaces don’t allow you to use the open fire due to safety and environmental concerns. The same happens with brittle glass decor, and some clubs limit the decor. Therefore, it would be better to know your decor limits. If you are free to do anything, view website for jaw-dropping centerpieces and other decorations. 

Menu Restriction 

The other concern that usually attaches to the country clubs is the menu. Sometimes, like decor, some clubs restrict themselves to serving only a type of food or having a pre-planned menu for different wedding categories. Whether you like or dislike it, you have to follow it. While on the other hand, some clubs provide you partial freedom for menu selection, i.e., some recipes are the tradition of that club. For the rest, you can make your menu with their chefs.

While some allow you freedom of choice, do according to your will and select whatever the serving type, i.e., buffet, plated, cock-tail style, etc. It’s the couple’s responsibility to collect all of this information before selecting a specific country club. It’ll help you to feel relaxed on your wedding day. 


Catering is another thing you should look at before closing a deal with your country club. Some venues offer catering services for weddings and other parties. If they provide a catering service, and you are interested in availing it, don’t forget to check the plates and other crockery sets. If you like it, then go with it as it becomes handy. In other situations, inform the club manager that you will manage the catering and crockery. 


Incredible scenery and the jaw-dropping backdrop are a desire of every newlywed on their big day. You can find these things in one package, that is a country club. A few things should be kept in mind before selecting any country. As mentioned above, I’ve discussed everything to know when planning a country club wedding. These things will help you to filter out your desired country club. 

In case of any queries, please feel free to ask us in the comment section. It’ll be great for us to help you.