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Things You Didn’t Know About The Girls’ Favorite Dog Pomsky

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It’s the cutest little dog, furry and pretty, full of energy and happy to be loved. No wonder the Pomsky is the favored designer dog breed for girls. Pomsky dog breeders agree that it’s the adorable nature of the face and long hair that gives them a teddy bear look that people find irresistible. What are they like as a pet though? Here are some facts, some of them are fun, that you might not know about Pomskies. You can get more amazing infos at Tin Dog.

  • Since 2017, they have been known as one of the most popular breeds of dogs. That’s funny because they aren’t recognized by the AKC or any other kennel club as an actual breed. It doesn’t matter. They’ve won the hearts and minds of the world and everyone seems to want a Pomsky puppy.
  • Pomsky dog instincts won’t keep them from being friendly with cats. In fact, they tend to be great with any other household pets as long as you take the time to introduce them correctly and teach them from a puppy. Socialization is key and should be done with any dog breed. It’s important that your dog understands that his prey drive is not meant for the housecat, or the neighbor’s cat outside either. Training your Pomsky is important.
  • Most Pomskies are less than a foot tall. They should fall under 15 inches tall at the shoulder, at most. Most of them are far smaller, being only about ten inches tall. There is some leeway in the size of them because of the huge size difference in the parents required to create this fuzzy little bundle. The Siberian Husky can stand over two feet tall, while the Pomeranian is rarely over ten inches tall. Luckily, the Pomsky typically takes after the Pom parent for size.
  • Some people call them Huskerians. You can tell why Pomskies have caught on with that name instead. Try saying Huskerian five times fast!
  • Pomskies are usually conceived via artificial insemination. This is due to the size difference of the dogs. The female will always be the Husky if a reputable breeder is used. This is also a size issue. The puppies could take after the Husky in size and a Pomeranian female would be risking her life to carry or deliver puppies that large.
  • Pomskies usually look like their mother – a husky. While it is possible that they’ll inherit their looks from the father Pomeranian, you should be aware that anything is possible. Your pup could grow to have the Husky body, Pomeranian head, and the flowing mane of the Pomeranian, with a black mask like a Husky. All combinations are possible when you toss loads of genes into the same pot, shake it and wait to see what comes out.
  • Pomskies can be destructive if bored, even though they aren’t a big dog. They get this from the Husky in them, most likely. They are a playful and active breed. Do not let them sit around and get bored because they will begin looking for fun and this usually means trouble. Both parent breeds are smart, which generally means for some antics as puppies that are only funny a few years later, if you know what we mean.
  • Pomskies may suffer from a case of Napoleon Syndrome. This happens in small dog breeds who feel they are a wee bit more entitled to be the boss of the house than they actually are. Training is very essential for this breed. They can come across as head strong and willful. This is because they are highly intelligent and will enjoy pushing your buttons at times, as they test their boundaries and the limits to what they can get away with. You’ll need to be firm, consistent, and very patient. Don’t lose your cool. He won’t respect you as his leader if you that.
  • For a small dog, they surprisingly love to dig. They will dig a hole halfway to China if you let them. Dogs dig out of boredom. Give them a yard with a sandpit and hide treats in it to encourage digging there. You should also know that this isn’t a dog that should be left outside alone. They require time with you as they are a dog that bonds deeply with their family and wish to be with them 100% of the time, which could also make them prone to separation anxiety. Contact a trainer early on and work with your puppy from day one.  

Pomsky puppies are adorable and they grow into fantastic family dogs. This is why they’ve become such a popular designer dog. Girls love them but boys and dads love them too. They will cuddle with you while you nap on the sofa during Sunday football games. Trust us. The whole family will love this dog.