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Three Methods to Slow Down Resin Cutting Disc Decay

As we all know as an important accessories in PRO Resin Cutting disc do will be decayed as the time goes by,so, it is important to know the details that help us to Sloe down the Decay : 

  • Use high-quality raw materials 
  • Correct packaging method
  • Reasonable storage conditions

Method 1- Special Production Treatment of Raw Materials 

One of the fundamental methods to enhance the anti-attenuation performance of the cut-off wheel is special production treatment of raw materials. That includes the special production treatment of abrasive grain, Phenolic resin and filler composition.

  • Abrasive


The main abrasive of resin grinding wheel is Aluminum corundum. Before mixing materials, if we calcine and coat the abrasive grain, the strength of single particle will be increased, which will greatly enhance the wear resistance of the BINIC abrasive disc; The whole hydrophilicity of the abrasive grain will be improved, so that the particles will be in strong adhesion.

  • Phenolic resin

Another important component on the attenuation of Cutting disc phenolic resin as binder. When we use phenolic resin containing low free phenol for production, it can greatly enhance the anti-Decay performance. 

  • Filler

In addition, the third factor that has a great impact on the Decay of resin cutting disc is the filler composition. For example, the filler composition can effectively decrease the Decay if we use calcium silicate. The above operations all require high production management demands and high technical requirements a factory.

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Method 2- Correct packaging method

The packing way is also important , the usual way we know id full shrink,then in inner box .We need assure that() put in the environment with as less air as possible , so the Vacu() packing can come to our mind ! The Vacuum Bag will be used in the first lay of packing, then we put as less quantity as possible  ,say ideal to put 10-20 pcs in one Vacuum bag. Extracting the air in the inner box is also a good way to apply. Besides that , we also put the two bags of desiccation to dry the Air. 


Method 3- Reasonable storage conditions

Resin Cutting wheel also need to be stored properly.They should be kept in an area that is not exposed to high humidity or freezing temperatures and they should be kept away from areas that are vulnerable to water or other solvents, because these extremely affect the bond abrasive disc .

Most wheels need to be stored in their original container. The stacking height of resin grinding wheel shall not exceed 200mm, and flat iron plates shall be placed at the bottom and top. It is better not press heavy objects on the Discs to avoid crushing and prevent the fracture and deformation of the grinding wheel. The thin cutting disc with sharp edges shall be stacked together, and the spacing of each grinding wheel shall be separated by a pad .When the  wheels is mounted on the grinder, it is best to have a holder that can help prevent the wheel from potential damage. Always inspect wheels before grinding and discard any wheel with cracks or damage.


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