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Three Reasons So-Fi Stadium is the Best in the NFL

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Rams headed into the Super Bowl with one huge advantage: they’d be playing at their home field at So-Fi Stadium. Across the country, fans are analyzing the stats or going with their hunches to back the home or away team using free bet offers listed in comparison platforms such as oddschecker to back their teams when they play on this site.

The Rams went on to become the second franchise in NFL history to host the Lombardi from their home field. This year, the team’s crosstown rivals, the Chargers, will be hellbent on bringing another Lombardi to their half of the stadium—and some analysts think they stand a chance. 

Still, whether the Chargers and Rams ever manage to win another Super Bowl, both teams have the NFL’s top stadium. Here’s why.

One: That Sweet Ocean Breeze

At best, a stadium should shelter spectators and players from the elements. In fact, most stadium architects are hamstrung by environmental demands. They can’t dream big because they face Wisconsin winters, or South Florida humidity, or Midwestern tornadoes.

But So-Fi stadium was built in the stunning SoCal climate. The stadium has an indoor-outdoor scheme, which means visitors can feel the ocean breeze—all while an advanced ETFE roof filters out the sun’s heat.

Two: The Best Cheap Seats

So-Fi is built close to 100 feet below sea grade. This means that when visitors enter, those sitting closer to the field will actually need to go downstairs. Meanwhile, those relegated to the ‘nosebleeds’ have a short walk to their seats—and their seats feel a lot closer to the action. 

And they’ll still have access to a beautiful view of surrounding areas, including Lake Park and Palos Verde. In fact, the upper rim of the stadium was designed to combine concessions with open-air views. While the tickets might not be cheaper than other nosebleed sections, fans are treated to a much more elevated experience—literally.  

Three: The Infinity Screen

Move over, Jerry World—there’s a new tech giant in the NFL. So-Fi stadium includes quite a few technological feats that makes it stand above competitors, from that ETFE roof to its subterranean levels to its water recycling scheme. However, the first thing that fans will likely notice is the unending big screen. 

This 360-degree covers 70,000 square feet and weighs over two million pounds. Its unique suspension and design means that every single seat has a clear and unobstructed view of the screen. Coolest of all, the screen has a dual function, which means there’s no back—just more screen.