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Thrive Causemetics Comes Together for a Venice Beach Daylong Beach Cleanup

Recently, Thrive Causemetics celebrated the launch of their new vegan sibling brand, Bigger Than Beauty Skincare. Company employees celebrated by coming together for a Venice Beach daylong beach cleanup in partnership with the environmental conservation organization, 4Ocean.

“It has always been a dream of mine to create a standalone, universal skincare line that is truly inclusive of everyone,” said founder and CEO Karissa Bodnar. “Bigger Than Beauty™ represents why I started Thrive Causemetics initially – to make every person feel confident and empowered and that is my hope for everyone using these products.”

“The world does not need another skincare brand,” Bodnar said. “Similar to Thrive Causemetics, it was about creating something that was bigger than just selling skincare. We want it to be making an impact. So, with this line, we’re going to be doing scholarships. I always lead with the cause because that’s why I want to do this.”

Proceeds from Bigger Than Beauty Skincare will fund scholarships for women of color to become dermatologists and estheticians.

Hollywood dermatologist Dr. Daniel Levy also loves the new beauty product line.

“Bigger Than Beauty Skincare is packed with proven, innovative formulas that deliver powerful ingredients and transformative results. I recommend this to my clients because the formulas are designed to enhance and prolong in-office services. I love this line because it gives anyone the power to customize their own professional-grade routine at home and see real results efficiently. ”Bodnar continued: “We listened to our beloved communities’ feedback, online and in our DMs, and made impactful changes they requested to create an improved line. I’m proud to say Bigger Than Beauty skincare products now come in more sustainable packaging, and we removed certain ingredients and added additional powerhouse ingredients & nourishing naturals to make the products more effective.”