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Tips For Gaming on Mobile

If you’re a glorified gamer, you know how thrilling it is to game on the go. Kill the monotony of a boring commute with a game, or even a first date that’s gone bad. What? Yeah, nothing’s wrong with saving the day with a quick blast of Fortnite! You could find that gaming will actually revive the conversation and keep the spark alive with affordable valorant coaching.

That said, SA gaming have compiled the perfect guide to gaming on mobile. Play like a pro! Hit those levels and take your gaming game to the next phase! Here’s how:

1. Get Some Extra Life

Nothing makes a game as thrilling as advanced graphics and special sound effects do. Unfortunately, if you’re gonna go for the highlife when gaming on mobile, you might as well just stop gaming altogether. Why? Because your battery won’t last long.

Stunning special effects drain your battery quite fast, and a few minutes into it, your device will shut down. How can you save power? First, reduce the brightness of the display screen. Second, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when playing an offline game and lastly turn down the volume.

Luckily, you can now save some extra life because most advanced games come with power-saving options. This sets the device to a power-saving mode by reducing unnecessary effects, sounds, and graphics. It might even dim down the on-screen action automatically. As such, if the game you’re hooked to is a renowned power drainer, look out for a battery saving mode from its settings.

Finally and above all, get some backup power. You don’t want to be cut off just before you set a new record on your game, the anxiety is.. (aargh..). I would suggest backup batteries but with the built-in batteries we have today, it can be a hassle. Luckily, power banks are an easy and budget-friendly alternative.

A 4000mAh power bank will fully charge your phone twice if you’d like to sustain your battery life, but a 2000mAh will do in most situations. Check out Carphone Warehouse for different styles, capacities, and price ranges of power banks.

2. Keep an eye on your data

Gaming is addictive and if you’re playing an online game daily for 5 or 6 days a week while going to work, it can use up a substantial amount of your monthly data allowance. We have, however, devised the perfect way to save data while gaming online on yet another interesting article: Gaming on the go: Can I Use My Mobile Data?

Nevertheless, why not reserve online games to times when you’re using WiFi? There are numerous thrilling and equally entertaining games that you can play offline without using any data. From Asphalt 8: Airborne, the popular Plants vs Zombies, and many others, the list is endless!

3. A good phone is key

If you consider yourself a gaming enthusiast, then you know that you need to get the right phone. It will transform your gaming experience, especially if it’s designed with gamers in mind..

4. Stay safe

Believe it or not, phones are responsible for more than 390,000 accidents every year. Don’t game when walking, driving; even when stuck in traffic, or risky areas. Find a safe, secure area to play your games because the last thing we would imagine is losing one of us to a mobile phone. When playing games like The Walking Dead: Our World and Pokemon Go, those that use augmented reality to interact with real-life surroundings, you still need to be aware of your environments and don’t get distracted! It could mean life and death!

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Get the best out of gaming on the go with these 4 tips!