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Tips for Writing a Memorable Article On Your Real Estate Blog

Once a period of crisis is over, the marketing or sales teams start to figure out how to relaunch a brand. The strategies are made based on business possibilities and the state of the market. In other words, we cannot afford a large payment campaign if the ROI (return on investment) is not going to be consistent.

We will comment on practices to give a fresh and attractive techniques for writing good blogs that can help to capture more and create a good branding of your real estate after the crisis period.

What does it mean to relaunch a brand?

The product relaunch is to reconnect with the consumer when, for any circumstance, the product is reaching a phase of decline, for example a crisis. The ways to relaunch a product are varied, ranging from redesigning the product per se, to connecting with the consumer again. The objective is obviously to increase sales again.

To relaunch a product or a brand we need to study the market and the consumer, the needs and the point at which our business is counted. Then a series of actions and strategies must be carried out for the relaunch that allows us to bring our message to our audience. You need to describe your brand and make 100s of blogs to adjust keywords so that you can get you self in the eye of clients.

By now you should know that having a blog will help you:

  • The positioning of your website
  • Drive more traffic to your page.
  • Position yourself as a reference.

Although it has many more advantages. In this article I explain all the benefits you can have with a real estate blog and what is the best way to carry it out.

Now, we are going to focus on how to write an article. So that today, as soon as you finish reading this post, you can start working on your first or next article.

It’s easy to talk about how beautiful it is to have a blog, but when it comes time, you don’t know where to start writing.

Where do I begin? As I write? What am I going to talk about?

Those are some questions that surely arise when you are going to write and that, even many times, has led you to put the article aside and start with something else.

To help you write, I am going to give you a series of tips that will help you publish more articles.

I want to have my real estate blog.

1. Think for whom you are going to write.

The content you write must always be directed to your ideal client. In itself, you should already know who your target audience is for which you focus all the strategies you carry out.

To write an article you must also take it into consideration.

If you know who will read your articles, it will be easier for you to adapt the content and the language. It will also help you communicate better with your audience and better convey the values ​​of the real estate agency.

By writing thinking about your ideal client as well, you will attract all those users, who are not yet clients, but feel identified with your way of writing and communicating with them.

2. Define the content well

Define very well what the topic of the article will be. Make it revolve around a single idea that you want the reader to stick with after reading the article.

It is important that you only touch one topic and not several at the same time so as not to confuse. It is better, that whoever reads the article is left with a very good idea at the end and has no doubts that they end up reading the article and end up confused by what they have just read.

I want to start writing content on my blog with keywords.

3. Look for the Wow in the article and make it pleasant to read.

Write articles that are interesting, enjoyable to read, and understandable. Nor is it necessary to write an article that you are like one of your favorite book authors, (although that would make it easier for you).

Think that you write to get clients so you should not write in vain. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before starting to write:

Will the text that the article addresses make people remember it? Will it make readers want to share it because it has been useful to them?

Does it address a topic of interest to who reads it?

Is the article going to write about what everyone already knows? or is it going to tell something new?

Is the article easy to read and easy to understand?

4. The first paragraph is the most important.

A good article is the one that generates impact from the first sentence. You have to draw attention from the beginning of the article and hook the reader to want to continue reading. To do this, make the article solve a question or a need that the reader has.

The first paragraph is the most important because the reader will decide whether or not to continue reading the article. Write your keyword in it for example “Park view city terrace apartments is”.

5. Structure the content well

Before you start writing like crazy, structure the content. Once you are clear about the central theme of the article:

  • Research about your topic. Give maximum time to it
  • Make an outline of what you want to talk about and address in the article.
  • Divide the article into introduction, development and conclusion.
  • Divide the content into different titles and subtitles (h1, h2, h3…) if necessary.
  • For each title, follow the same structure as that of the article in general, that is, each title has an introduction, a development and its own conclusion.

If you structure the content beforehand as I just mentioned, it will be much easier for you to start writing. It will come out almost alone!

6. Write short sentences only.

Make the text easy to read. For this you need to write short phases and not endless sentences. Be brief, do not go around the bush, go with clear ideas and do not repeat words or ideas.

For example: “Knowing how to write well is essential for those who create content and want to write well to offer a well-written text”?

Don’t you think that the previous sentence is repeated a lot? Well imagine reading an entire article like that.

eye! Being brief or writing short sentences does not mean that you have to write little. Rather, you have to simplify what you say.

7. Don’t forget the Call to action.

Remember that the ultimate goal is to get new customers. So, the calls to action are necessary.

A call to action is a phrase that invites the reader to interact. Generally, call to action are links that lead to a form or a specific landing on the web where the reader gets more information about your services as a real estate agency. Other times it is a link to the list of the latest properties. You decide where you want the reader to go when they click on the call to action. Although keep in mind that the call to action must be contextualized with the article.

8. Look for concrete examples.

As long as you can set a better example. And the more concrete the better. With the examples the reader will feel more identified with what he is reading and will also understand it better.

You also empathize with the reader, you put yourself in their situation and the person will like what they are reading more.

9. Be natural as much possible

Don’t force yourself to write in a way that you don’t feel comfortable with. Just write in the most natural way possible. Just focus on conveying the idea you are writing about in the best possible way. Google will also appreciate it.

10. Interact with the reader of the article. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the article. A popular technique for getting feedback is asking a final question. Although you can apply it to any part of the article. Ask questions and solve the doubts that they leave you in the comments in future articles.

In this way, you will draw their attention or keep them attentive to what you write.

11. Make an article easy to read

He thinks that throughout the day we have little or less time to read. There is a lot of content on the Internet and every time we seek to consume faster so as not to miss anything.

When looking to go fast, people go to look for more concrete things.

For example, if your article talks about what a deposit contract is, what the reader will look for first will be that paragraph or paragraphs where you talk about it. If you like what you read, you will surely read the rest of the article.

Hence, what I was talking about a couple of points higher. On the importance of being brief and giving the reader what they are looking for. Make it scannable, readable at a glance.

Other techniques that help are put an index so that the person can better navigate through the article and put the time it will take to read the article, so that the reader already goes with that time previously reserved.

12. Watch out for spelling mistakes!

This point may seem obvious, but it is perhaps one of the most important. Writing on the internet does not mean that it is like writing on WhatsApp. Think of it as a public text, which anyone can access. The better it is understood the better.

Also, when you make a misspelling the reader loses all interest and gets stuck in the misspelling. Your whole article will revolve around that misspelling and the reader will stop paying attention to the rest of the article.

14. Decorate your article with meaning.

To keep the attention and interest of the reader, reinforce the article with images, videos, underlining the most important words (without abusing it). Decorate the text with phrases in quotation marks, lists.

It’s the moment! Get to write you own blog. Are you ready to start writing your next article?

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