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Tips On Keeping Bugs Out of Your Home

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Prevention is better than having to find ways to end an infestation. There are many ways to prevent bugs from entering your home, but the best option is to contact a pest control company like Saela to conduct regular monthly treatments inside and outside your home.

Also, it is essential to understand what is drawing them in. For example, it is general knowledge that as the weather turns colder at the beginning of fall and end of summer, spiders will work their way inside, as will flies and other insects. Spiders are always in our homes, not that we notice, but as we approach the fall months they will start entering as males seek out females to mate with.

Insects will seek out the warm temperatures of our homes as the temperature outside drops, and wetter weather will bring a whole manner of bugs inside as they want to avoid the wetter seasons. 

There is little we can do about this, however, there are ways to make inside less appealing and make their attempts to get in less likely to work. If you are dealing with moths look at to find ways that you can prevent a month problem at home.

The most popular types of collars for fleas are those that continuously release insecticide and those that release a single dose. This is because continuous release collars last longer, but they may also be more expensive than a single-dose collar.

Keeping it clean.

Keep your home clean, especially the kitchen. Cockroaches, slugs, flour months, ants, and rodents as well as other pests will all be enticed into your home by food debris. Try to clear away all potential food sources to keep your home pest-free. Wipe down surfaces, clear up spills and throw away uneaten pet food to prevent uninvited guests. 

Monitor any damp.

Damp is something that will entice in hordes of creepy crawlies. It makes it easier for bugs to get in, especially if the damp turns bad and ends up turning into a mold problem. This is common in the warm and moist areas of the house, such as the bathroom, and sometimes the kitchen. Check for leaks and always keep rooms in the house ventilated to prevent any breeding grounds. 

Look out for silverfish in your home- tiny cigar shaped, gray, wingless insects, as these are an indicator of dampness in your home. 

Block up cracks and crevices. 

Pests such as slugs and cockroaches will hide in dark and damp gaps in the daytime and venture out at night. You can prevent their nighttime escapades by blocking in gaps around doors, windows, and other spaces in your home they could enter. Remember, these creatures can make themselves minuscule to get in. 

Know their ways in.

It is important to understand how these insects are actually getting into your home. Mosquitoes can fly in, cockroaches seem to be indestructible, spiders seem to appear out of nowhere, and ants just seem to materialize. But they are all getting in somehow, and figuring out how is the first step. 

Look at ways they could be getting in, and if you notice one or two, set up some repellant, and they will likely realize your home is not friendly to them. 

Remember to keep windows closed when you can, but be sure to ventilate to prevent mold, and keep shrubs and branches away from your walls so that bugs do not have an easy access point. 

What if they get in?

So, what should you do if they do get in or if you are finding yourself facing a few too many bugs living in your home and not paying rent? Depending on what bugs you face, there are ways to fend them off and protect your home. For example, if you discover bed bugs, simply buy a bed bug treatment online or from the local supermarket.

Salt for slugs.

Slugs cannot stand salt. It will actually kill them if poured on them. If you are finding slug trails in your home, try to source where they are coming from. If you cannot source where they are coming from, sprinkle salt in different places and seek out where the trails are coming from, keep doing this until you find their point of entry and seal it up. 

Citrus and peppermint. 

Citrus and peppermint are fantastic repellents, and a majority of insect repellents will contain one of these. Peppermint is great for ticks, spiders, roaches, moths, flies, fleas, beetles, and ants. You can use sachets or essential oils and also sprays to keep them away. 

Citrus repels ants, fleas, fungus, gnats, aphids and other pests. 

Kill the roaches.

Roaches seem indestructible, however you can mix something they love like sugar or cocoa powder with something like borax, and you basically have a tasty poison for roaches. If you have a roach problem in your home, leave this out around the house and watch as they slowly disappear. Brutal, but it works.