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Tips to Increase Sales with Low Advertising Costs

Advertising is an important activity in the business process. Advertising forms to help shop owners; Business owners reach out to a large number of potential customers and increase sales. But the cost of advertising is often quite large and is always a concern of many business owners. So how to increase revenue with low advertising costs? In this article, we will clarify together. 

Know the principles of advertising 

There are many options for businesses when embarking on an advertising campaign such as Facebook Ads; Instagram Ads; Amazon Ads; Google Ads….Whether you choose any form of advertising or decide to implement a multi-channel advertising campaign, you also need to understand the advertising principles of each channel. 

Online advertising platforms all have content regulations; object; image…If you don’t understand these mandatory rules, you may be refused to run ads resulting in a loss of time and effort. You will even lose money when running ads but are not effective. Studying the advertising principles carefully helps you choose the right form of advertising and use it effectively. 

Invest in advertising content

Even if you spend a lot of money on advertising, but the content does not attract customers, your advertising campaign will also become a failure. One way to save money on indirect advertising costs is to invest in advertising content because: 

  • New compelling promotional content can attract customers and increase order conversion rates. Which ads attract more interactions, higher conversion rates also mean that advertising costs will be optimized.
  • Good content will make your ads show priority; the Chances of reaching customers will be higher.

However, it should also be noted that the advertising content we talk about here is not the only language but also includes images. Images will be the first impression on customers. Language is a factor that determines the satisfaction level of customers’ information when learning about the products/services you provide. If you have spent money on running ads, don’t forget to spend a lot of time and effort on content preparation. 

Attract your customers with impressive product ads, launch discount codes, coupons to attract customers.

Focus on the most potential customer group

Another advertising cost-saving tip you can apply is to focus on the most potential customer group. Most users run ads to customers according to general criteria such as age; sex; geographical scope … This method has a fairly wide coverage, so it will “consume” you a lot of costs. 

If you focus on the most potential customer group, it will improve your conversion rate and help you significantly reduce your advertising costs. For example, with the time industry; cosmetics; spa, potential customers can be women; officers; from 22 to 35 years old…Members of Fanpages or groups specializing in beauty are a source of potential customers that cannot be ignored with this business. 

Thorough advertising within the permitted scope

If you’ve ever learned about forms of advertising, you probably know that service providers have certain limits on advertising content. For example, Facebook allows a 25-character ad title to be displayed; 135 characters for ad copy. Google allows 25 characters for the title and 105 characters for the body. 

Therefore, to save the money invested, you should make full use of the advertising space to provide the most complete information; most attractive; most distinctive. All are aimed at making customers see and be prompted to click to read the details or interact immediately. 

Diversify forms of advertising

Finally, if you want to save advertising costs, you should not ignore this trick. There are many different forms of advertising and not all of them are free. Besides paying to run ads, you can increase interaction by implementing incentive and promotional programs; offer discount codes, coupons, buy 1 get 1 free or free shipping,…

If implementing incentive programs on social networks such as Instagram; On Facebook, you should post in the “golden” time frames – the time when the number of online users is the most (morning from 6:30 am to 8:00 am; noon from 12 pm to 2 pm; evening 8 pm to 10 pm). 

If you sell on e-commerce sites, take advantage of flash sale programs, discount off with a subsidy policy; Free shipping of the floor to increase benefits for customers. 

If you sell at a brick-and-mortar store, you can hang a discount banner in front of the store to attract customers. 

Similarly, you can also post promotional information on classifieds sites; forums, or groups related to your business. 

And finally, no matter how you save on advertising costs, don’t forget to effectively manage your ad performance. Only then can you evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign; to make changes to suit the actual situation. When you find that a certain form of advertising is not suitable, boldly ignore it and try a new form of advertising. 


Above is an article about tips to increase revenue with low advertising costs. Hopefully, the above information can help you optimize advertising costs and increase profits when doing business. Wish you a successful application and will always be satisfied with your business results!