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Tips to Pay Less for Prescription Drugs

It’s a well-known fact that Americans pay much more for prescription drugs in the United States compared to patients in other countries. The expense can be restrictive, particularly for underinsured and uninsured individuals. Also, this can lead to dire results. A vast number of citizens cannot complete their yearly prescriptions simply because they can’t bear the cost of medicine.

As mentioned, the issue is a big problem, especially for senior citizens who regularly have various prescriptions. Unfortunately, even one medicine, regardless of whether it’s short term or ongoing, can be challenging to fill when the budget is not enough.

Contact Your Doctor to Lower Your Prescription Drug Prices

The primary individual you will need to consult when planning on lowering your prescription drug costs is the individual who prescribed it- your doctor or healthcare provider.

There are numerous factors for your doctor and yourself to consider together while reviewing the prescription drugs you take. From considering generic drugs to exploring substitute treatment options, you and your doctor can undoubtedly come up with an affordable yet effective option.

Call the Pharmacist to Check for Alternatives

Aside from contacting your doctor, another primary step in lowering your prescription costs is conferring with your local pharmacist. Request that they contact your primary health care provider for a rundown of alternative medications that may cost less.

Medication costs change quickly, so your primary health care provider usually won’t know every medicine’s exact values all the time. Thus, if the pharmacist recommends any alternatives, your doctor may agree with the cheaper option. However, at times, your health care provider might reject the other options due to possible dangerous health effects caused by introducing a new drug to your body.

Look for Manufacturer Discount Coupons

Drug producers of brand name prescriptions may offer markdown coupons on their sites for specific items. You can also find discount coupons on other websites other than the brand website. Remember that there might be a period or refill cutoff for these projects.

Also, make sure to read and comprehend the fine print. Certain kinds of coverage, like Tricare, Medicaid, Medicare, or other state or federal government-funded projects, won’t permit utilization of discount coupons. You can also check out BuzzRX for the latest discount coupons for prescription drugs.

Switch to Generics

In general, generic drugs are 85% less expensive compared to brand name prescriptions. Inquire as to whether generic medications may safely serve as an alternative to your brand name prescriptions.

The FDA demands generic drugs to have a quality and performance on par with brand name meds. However, to reiterate, it is vital to consult your doctors before switching to generics because it may cause a subtle yet dangerous influence on your health.

Shop Around and Compare Costs

Where you buy your prescriptions can have a significant effect on the gross cost of your regular medication. Drug manufacturers can propose a price for their items. However, they don’t have that much of a say on the cost drug stores charge.

The prescription cost can also be vastly different from one pharmacy to the next. You should compare how much your prescription cost will be in several drug stores in your vicinity for the same drug.

Compare the costs for the medications you routinely take under various plans. You may need to contact your plan provider to find out. Generally, a lot of people will be surprised to see the difference in cost.

Furthermore, when you’re looking for meds, don’t disregard online drug stores that deliver prescription orders via mail. Since these mail-order offices have cheaper overhead costs, they can regularly offer the same medication at a fundamentally lower price. Opting for mail-order meds also spare you the hassle of heading to the drug store to get your prescription.

Look for a Community Charity Pharmacy

Community charity pharmacies (CCPs) are authorized drug stores that administer medications to underinsured, uninsured, and low-income individuals at no expense. They are drug donations from medication manufacturers and charities like Americares, Rx Outreach, and Dispensary of Hope.

CCPs ordinarily stock at least a hundred of the most common drugs, including prescriptions for depression, asthma, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. All you need to do to avail of these donations is fill out a short enlistment form to prove you fit the service’s requirements.


Medication costs are insanely expensive. Nonetheless, as a patient, you don’t need to sit still and accept the unjust price. You also don’t have to halt the clinical treatment you need because you can’t manage your drug bill’s cost.

Know that there are numerous ways you can reduce your medication expenses. However, you need to see where, when, and how to lower your drug costs safely. You need to practice being an empowered and informed patient who knows the tricks in getting your money’s worth of medication.