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Tips to Plan a Bicycle Trip on a Budget

Are you passionate about cycling, and get excited while thinking about having a cross-country bike tour? Thousands of young people dream like you. However, they cannot fulfill their dreams due to budget constraints. This article reveals the ways that you can follow to plan a bike tour on budget.

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Make A Friend Your Partner:

Commuting with a friend, who also has a passion for traveling with a bicycle is a good idea. It may help you cut down the expenses of the trip. You can share food expenses as well as all other necessary expenses with the friend. In addition, both of you will get the opportunity to stay often at the place of your known people throughout the trip, which may lead you to a reduced lodging expense. It will also make your trip more enjoyable while having your best friend beside you.

Utilize the Warm Showers App:

Another way to accomplish your bicycle trip at an affordable cost is to utilize the Warm Showers app. Food and lodging are the major expenses while traveling, and Warm Showers can alleviate those expenses. It is an app, which is designed to host tours for the cyclists for free. There are various networks like the Warm Showers, and you can get aided from any of those. However, it is recommended to opt for an app that offers food.

Avoid Using Campsites:

To lower the expenses of lodging, it is a good deal to avoid using campsites. Instead, you can use any of the parks to pitch your tent for free of cost. Few of these parks have bathrooms attached with it and left open overnight. Besides, you can try asking for camping at the local churches as well. Because, as per the religious belief, they must provide shelter if someone is seeking for the same.

Approach Smartly to Unknown People:

Although you and your friends are well-versed with cycling and handling your bikes, it is quite usual to get into any trouble during this long journey. You can get help from the unknown people at that time. So, you should not get afraid of telling people about your trip. Approach smartly to them. Tell them about your trip, which areas you want to cover, and how you have prepared your plan to accomplish it. Maybe they would become inspired by your great adventure plan and help you as per your requirement.

Prepare A Plan for Big Cities:

Big cities are alluring. However, those places are expensive too. Cities have several things to see. You cannot complete the list in a day. Also, you cannot afford to see them all with your limited budget. So, prepare a prioritized list. Some of them are free. From the rest of them, you should select the one that you really aspire for. As an example, you can choose the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

Rely on the Locals:

When you are out for a cross-country road bike trip, it is not feasible to know all the routes very well. You can get advice from the local people, whenever you get stuck. No one can know better about the most bike-friendly route out of the area than the people who live there. You can also get a comprehensive plan about the route if you are going with the assistance of the Warm Showers.

These valuable tips for bike commuters will help you plan a budget-friendly bike trip and fulfill your dream.