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Tips to Upgrade Your Home Office

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Since the start of the pandemic, the culture of remote work and home office setups has been risen greatly. From supportive, ergonomically designed office chairs, to nice-looking small-space desks, and beautiful houseplants, people have bought all to increase their productivity. In this article, we will mention all the home-office items recommended to us by chiropractors, interior designers, CEOs, and other experts.

A standing desk will make an interesting addition to your home office. This modern invention is great for improving one’s posture. Long working hours can cause neck pain which can be a source of great discomfort for many individuals. If you’re standing upright, then you don’t need to worry about straining your neck. This desk is excellent for maintaining focus as it literally keeps you on your feet. If you struggle with low levels of productivity, then invest in this piece now. Most home offices are small rooms allocated to complete work tasks. If you invest in a standing desk, it will free up space in your home office. This piece of furniture will upgrade your area like nothing else.

Donnie Rand, Founder of American Association of Owner Operators, LLC.

Home offices often need more X factor. Not anymore, as we suggest investing in SideTrack Solo, the Mount Rushmore of portable monitors. With a crystal clear display, you can be sure never to miss a beat in a 4K production. It’s best for displaying content on a second screen at up to 3840 x 2160 pixels. The equipment is free-standing, so there’s no need to attach it to the laptop’s screen and mess with the device. SideTrack Solo comes with USB-Type C, USB-Type A and HDMI inputs, giving users various options for connecting different devices. Added support of dynamic range (HDR) and touchscreen inputs makes this a good-looking and versatile portable display. Ultimately helping expand your laptop’s screen space regardless of where you work. The price range is in between $450-$500 on Amazon.

Alex Williams, Retail Expert at Findthisbest.

Just like other spaces in your home, you must consider redesigning your home office in 2023. It is expected that most of the businesses will go remote or on a hybrid work model completely. You will need a proper space for your home office. Like all other rooms, this space should also be treated well. Create a vibe and decorate with your favorite décor items. Try using candles, diffusers, pictures and much more. Moreover, you must use calming paint colors to keep the productivity level high.

Perry Zheng, CEO of Cash Flow Marketplace

You can add up a few portraits in your home office. These portraits help in giving your home office a vibrant and an intellectual look. You can also add new lighting in your home office that will provide a whole new look to your home office. Home offices need to be updated every 3 months because you can get bored and that can affect your mood. 

Frank Barber, Finance Expert of Oxford Gold Group 

If you are looking to upgrade your home office, I suggest you get a laptop riser. These contraptions will lift your laptop to the desired height, enabling you to work more comfortably. This way, your monitor will be on eye level, helping you reduce neck and wrist tension by improving your posture. Apart from easing your body, this gadget will protect your laptop from accidental spills. I recommend you get the aluminum laptop riser by Besign. It is available for only $24 and comes with an adjustable base that will prevent your laptop from getting overheated.

Andrew Johnson, CEO of Prime Seamless

Investing in your comfort is an excellent way of taking things up a notch when it comes to upgrading your home office. Working from is easier, but it’s not ideal when your back gets the best of it. You’ll be super relaxed if you buy an ergonomic chair for your home office space. You’ll be working comfortably and can maintain a healthier posture. Working for long hours can get draining, and it’s our back that gets affected immediately. Buying an ergonomic chair will improve your posture, and you’ll enjoy the new year in full swing! 

Elisa Bender, Cofounder of RevenueGeeks

The Bottom Line

With technology developing at such a rapid pace, there are lots of products & upgrades that can help you in your work environment. What matters the most, though, isn’t about keeping up with trends but knowing when it’s time to let go of old gear and move on to better gear.