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Today in History: Tuesday, January 16, 2024

NBC western “Bonanza” concluded its 14 season run in 1973. The unexpected passing of Dan Blocker as “Hoss” coupled with a move to Tuesday after being established for so many years on Sunday, led to its midseason demise. A total of 431 episodes were produced. Three television movies followed: “Bonanza” The Next Generation” in 1988, “Bonanza: The Return” in 1993, and “Bonanza: Under Attack” in 1995…Former network UPN (United Paramount Network) launched with the two-hour debut of “Star Trek: Voyager” in 1995.

George Harrison’s single “Got My Mind Set On You” topped the Billboard charts in 1988.

The Persian Gulf War, triggered by Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait in August 1990, began in 1991 with a U.S.-led air offensive against Iraq that continued until a cease-fire was declared on February 28.

Celebrity Birthdays
Director John Carpenter (“The Thing”) is 76; actress and choreographer Debbie Allen (“Fame”) is 74; model Kate Moss is 50; Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda is 44.

Did You Know?
Dan Blocker owned a chain of restaurants called “Bonanza.” They were steakhouses similar to the “Golden Corral” chain. When the ownership later changed, all of the restaurants were later renamed “Ponderosa.