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Top 10 Best Horror Games on PC (2022)

2022 is indeed shaping up to be a busy year for video game blockbusters with the release of Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, to name a few. But what about horror games? What can we expect? Here is a small selection of the productions expected in 2022 to give us a thrill all year long.

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Dying Light 2 : Stay Human

We start the year on a high note with the release of Dying Light 2 on February 4. Developed by the studio Techland, it takes place 15 years after the events of the first episode. We will play as Aiden Caldwell, a parkour ace, evolving in a post-apocalyptic world full of infected. Basically, there are no big changes announced. We find an open world in FPS view and the gameplay is similar to the first one. There will be choices to make during the story as well as a little management for the needs of the survivors. Running on Xbox Series, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and Xbox One, it has enough to satisfy fans of the first Dying Light. And for the others, it’s the opportunity to discover a good survival horror clearly oriented action.

Tormented Souls

It is also in February, on the 22nd to be precise, that Tormented Souls will be released on Switch. The PS5 version is already available since September 10th, 2021. It’s now the turn of Nintendo’s hybrid console owners to discover this tribute to the games of the 90’s with fixed camera shots furiously reminiscent of a certain Resident Evil. In this clever mix of exploration, item management and puzzles to solve, you play as Caroline Walker. This young woman with no particular abilities finds herself catapulted into a mansion converted into a hospital. In search of two enigmatic twins, you must solve the mysteries surrounding the building and the secrets of the family it once housed. If you are a nostalgic of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, or if you like oppressive environments in closed places, Tormented Souls is made for you.

Evil Dead : The Game

Still in February, but without a precise release date this time, Evil Dead: The Game is scheduled for release on all platforms. Meet Ash Williams (still played by Bruce Campbell) and his friends in this game where you will have the choice between cooperative games and player vs. player battles. Visit or revisit, with the controller in hand, the cult locations of the saga including the famous cabin in the woods. With more than 25 weapons to choose from, there’s plenty to kill the undead. Don’t panic, Ash’s chainsaw and shotgun will also be available for battle. A horrific game to recommend for a good evening with friends.


Later in the year, the release of Scorn was announced. It is in October 2022 that the game from the Serbian studio Ebb Software will show the end of its cover on PC and Xbox Series. As a reminder, its universe is based on the creations of HR Giger (remember, the designer of Alien). If the details of the plot are unknown for the moment, it seems that the gameplay is based on first-person view exploration of a world where everything is very organic. With an absolutely sublime art direction, Scorn is an intriguing and anguishing title that is a must-see.

A Plague Tale : Requiem

It is during 2022 that we will have the pleasure to find Amicia and Hugo, the protagonists of A Plague Tale, in a sequel subtitled Requiem. Having fled their country at the end of Innocence, the children head south where the sun is more present. Will this influence the gameplay, which is based on infiltration and the play between light and shadow areas? Let’s hope so! Especially since the French Asobo Studio promise us a more varied choice of weapons and a more open world. Planned for Xbox Series, PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, this is a title not to be missed, if only to follow these two very endearing heroes.