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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Smart Hotel System

Today people love to travel and go to a foreign land. With more incoming visitors, hotel owners need a creative and innovative way to manage hotel operations and provide a unique stay experience to their guests. As a substitute to old and labor extensive hotel management systems, the smart hotel system provides an easy and reliable way of management. Smart hotel system is becoming a trend in today’s hotel industry, as with passing day more and more hotels are opting for this technology. Read till the end, as this article is all about hotel room automation systems.  

What is smart hotel system?

In simplest terms, a smart hotel system is the digitalization of hotel operations. It controls everyday life activities such as locking a room, turning on/off AC or lights, adjusting temperature, improving security, and a better guest experience with the help of digital gadgets. Moreover, these electronic gadgets can be easily controlled remotely. 

How IoT home automation works?

The theoretical background of a smart hotel system is dependent on the Internet of Things (IoT). The working principle behind smart automation is straightforward. All the electronic gadgets present in the hotel, like lights, thermostat, AC, security cameras, locks, etc., are connected through the internet. The internet connection allows them to send and receive information. 

Why is a smart hotel system needed? 

You must be thinking, that why exactly do I need a smart hotel system when my employees can manage hotel operations manually? Well, hotel room automation systems offer many advantages, such as superior security, reliable management, memorable stay experience, remote room control, and comfort.  

Smart hotel system plays an important role in the hotel business. You can benefit from HDL Automation’s smart hotel system in the following aspects:

  1. Guest rooms

Guests, cleaners, and concierges are provided with an RF card, which can be used to gain access to any room. When the person leaves the room, the appliances are automatically turned off. 

2. Welcome mode

Check-in is a mode that a receptionist selects when a visitor arrives at the reception. When the mode is selected, it automatically turns on the AC, lights and adjusts the temperature of the room before the guest enters the room. When the guest leaves the room, it automatically puts the AC on stand-by mood, thus saving power. 

3. Comfortable temperature

The smart hotel system is designed to create the most comfortable environment of the hotel, especially the guest room. The temperature is adjusted to the optimum level. 

4. Multimedia

In order to offer the best guest experience, multimedia gadgets such as TV and speakers are connected and controlled, which provide a joyful entertainment moment. 

5. Smart panels

With the help of smart panels, hotel owners can pre-set different scenes like DND, Welcome, away, and MUR. Moreover, via the intelligent management software, requests from the guest are received instantly, which will improve the working efficiency of the worker and the convenience of the visitor. 

6. Reception

Guests arrive at the reception first, as they make reservations at the hotel. The receptionist selects modes like welcome, which activates lights, AC, and other gadgets in the room. It provides the first impression to the visitor.  

7. Meeting room

Hotels are not only places of stay, but hotels also provide space for meetings and professional collaborations. The meeting room requires quick control and management of multimedia tools. Smart hotel system offers some most useful meeting room modes such as meeting mode, bread mode, projection mode, etc. 

8. Hallways and stairways 

Hallways and stairways are shared hotel spaces that contribute a lot to the overall hotel image. Smart lights create an amazing environment in these spaces. The lights are designed to decrease brightness when hallways and stairways are unoccupied. 

9. Facilities and recreational center

The hotel automation system facilitates different hotel facilities such as a spa, gym, sauna, swimming pool, etc. Lighting and temperature are selected based on guest demands. Hotel room automation systems are designed to increase guest comfort as well as energy efficiency. 

10.Outdoor lighting 

Outdoor lights are equally important as indoor lighting. The outdoor lights and fountains are turned on to provide a soothing environment for the hotel, thus elevating the hotel stay experience. 


The above-mentioned reasons why you should select smart hotel automation for your hotel are enough to justify its importance. If you, as a hotel owner, want to opt for this technology, then don’t forget to contact HDL Automation. HDL Automation makes great achievements in the hotel automation industry. Their hotel automation products are truest by many leading hotels in the world. Their other services include HDL home automation and HDL building automation. Don’t hesitate to contact them.