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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use Animated Explainer Videos To Promote Your Brand

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It’s no secret that video marketing is gaining popularity. Video content has a higher level of user engagement than other types of content, is more accessible than ever before (due to mobile devices and quicker Internet), and is easier to generate than in past generations.

One of the most effective methods to get started is with animated explainer videos, which is aimed to give new users a quick overview of your products or services and how they work in only a few minutes. Still not sure of why you must use explainer videos? Well, let’s walk through some top reasons why you should!

1. They depict a problem as well as a solution. 

Because video progresses in time in a linear fashion, you may display a causal chain from issue to solution. Demonstrating how your products or services address a customer need is crucial for increasing conversions. Written content can help you do this, but it won’t have the same impact.

2. You have the option to be creative.

The most effective explainer videos are those who aren’t hesitant to try new things. You can include jokes in your screenplay or experiment with new animation elements. You can even add some intriguing music in the background; here is your chance to provide your viewers with a great video viewing experience. An expert animator such as would be able to push your vision into existence and create that experience.

3. They can be used in any situation. 

You may use an animated explainer video in a variety of situations once you’ve created it. You can keep it on YouTube, integrate it into your website’s homepage, utilise it as a landing page feature, or even incorporate it into slideshow presentations. They’re easy to transfer because they’re short and ubiquitous.

4. They’re a user-friendly media. 

Explainer videos are an approachable and learnable tool for marketers, despite a modest learning curve. To make one, you don’t need to spend years researching them or thousands of dollars. This is most likely why 65 percent of marketers intend to boost their video marketing budgets.

5. Explainer videos are short

To begin with, explanation videos are brief. Because they’re usually only a few minutes long, your clients won’t have an easy reason to leave early. It can be tough to write for such a short format, but the final result is a message that is brief enough to really resonate with your readers.

6. They’re beneficial to both new and existing clients. 

Although the primary purpose of an explainer video is to attract new audiences, it can also be beneficial to existing consumers. This is especially true if your products and services have a learning curve; the explainer video might act as a tutorial.

7. You have the option of displaying your brand’s personality. 

You may showcase your brand’s personality throughout the video by writing it in the same tone as your script, using visual styles that reflect your character, and even selecting a narrator who best portrays your brand’s “voice.” In fact, branded videos now account for more than a third of all video marketing expenses.

8. They’re flexible. 

You can easily change things about because they’re brief and pretty straightforward to alter. For example, if you want to showcase a new feature, you may add a few extra seconds at the conclusion of the video, or if you want to try out fresh music or a different narrative, you can.

9. You can demonstrate the advantages yourself. 

You may demonstrate the benefits of your product or service firsthand, such as with a brief product presentation or a walkthrough of your program thanks to the video’s visual and running nature. This makes it easier for individuals to see what they’re getting and eliminates many of their concerns.

10. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your worth. 

Explainer videos also allow you the opportunity to visually portray statistics, video testimonials, or highlight some significant brands you’ve worked with to demonstrate your brand’s value.

If you want to build an explainer video for your company but aren’t sure where to start, look into explainer videos created by your competitors. This should provide you with some inspiration and direction for your own video, allowing you to begin brainstorming ideas. Or, you can also take assistance from an explainer video production company for the same.

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