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Top 10 Study Apps for College Students

From organizers and planners to flashcards and mind-mapping software, these are the top ten best study apps for college students

Today, there are apps to do just about everything from reading a book to starting a business. One thing that has occupied one of the many fields in applications is that of the app that helps people to study.

College students are especially in need of help when it comes to trying to manage a hectic schedule of classes and study. For those looking for help in their academic pursuits, here are the top ten study apps for college students:

1) Evernote – This is a sort of daily planner for a college student. In addition to the basic of a planner, like staying organized, it also does a few more things:

First, it does what it implies. Evernote allows students to take notes in class and wherever else they may need to. It also allows people to clip useful information from the Internet, as well.

Today, there are apps to do just about everything from reading a book to starting a business. One thing that has occupied one of the many fields in applications is that of the app that helps people to study.

A great benefit to Evernote is that it will scan documents, eliminating the need for large binders of handouts and assignments. It can also take electronic documents that have been sent to students and attach them to other relevant documentation on a subject.

Finally, Evernote allows its users to work effectively in teams with supporting software. Evernote has a free version that allows a student to link two devices to it. The pay version syncs unlimited devices for $34.99 per year.

2) iStudiez Pro Legend – This is the next most popular organizer for college students. It boasts a simple, intuitive interface where people can tell at a glance not just what they have scheduled for that day, but what they have scheduled for the entire week!

Beyond the at-a-glance feature is the ability to open up the day that a student is interested in and be able to take a look at everything in-depth. This allows a student to keep themselves more focused on their studies, rather than be overloaded with all of the things that they would have to remember, otherwise.

Like Evernote, iStudiez can sync multiple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows PC, and the Mac. A handy feature is that iStudiez includes a GPA calculator for students interested in keeping track of their grades.

It can also integrate with the Google Calendar, and it’s available for $2.99 on mobile phones. The computer version costs $9.99 a month.

3) Quizlet –This mobile app has over fifty million subscribers and gives students the tools they need to learn.

Quizlet’s primary focus is on helping its users to learn through various study modes as well as games. It can also test students on their knowledge. It’s the study modes that are of the greatest importance, however, in this app. These study modes involve flashcards, gravity, long-term learning, speller, match, live, and write.

There is a free model that students can use, and the premium version costs about $19.99 per year.

4) My Study Life – This is a student planner that also helps students to take away the worry of having to keep a thousand things in their minds all at once. It is free to use and has been around since 2010.

The first and most important thing My Study Life does is to help students schedule their classes and study periods, not to mention dates, appointments, and everything else that they have to do!

It also helps to keep track of the different tasks that a student has and gives them reminders for all of the important things that they have to do in a day. It can also sync across multiple platforms.

5) XMind – This app defines itself as a brainstorming and mind-mapping software. It claims that it’s purpose is to promote teamwork, manage complicated data, promote clear thinking, and allow ideas to be captured within its software.

XMind can export to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Mindjet, and Freemind. A six-month subscription is $9.99.

6) MyScript Calculator – This is the twenty-first century’s answer to paper. The MyScript Calculator allows a student to simply write a calculation on their screen with the use of MyScript Interactive Ink. With this software, it’s able to translate manual writing into full equations!

In addition to this, students can also erase mistakes, drag and drop numbers, copy and paste, and save calculations into memory for use in other programs. This fascinating app is $2.99 in the .

7) Exam Countdown Lite – This is what students are in definite need of when it comes to that busy time of year when exams seem to be everywhere! This does offer a simple, yet effective, countdown timer for when an exam is coming up.

This app also features a reminder function and exam timetable. It is available in the app store for free.

8) SimpleMind Pro – Somewhat similar to XMind, this is also a mind-mapping app that allows its students to organize their thoughts in a more constructive manner. It also allows for synchronization across multiple devices, although it can’t create a good resume professional writers reviews professional writers reviews.

The focus of SimpleMind Pro is to be an organizer for the mind, allowing people to more easily remember information, keep track of it, and to create new ideas and concepts. This app is available for $7.99.

9) Flashcards – This application focuses on what other applications use as part of their strategy. Yes, this is an app that gives a student virtual flashcards to help them learn.

With this app, a student can create their own flashcards to help them learn a subject or to study for a test or exam. This free program truly specializes in the field by allowing for the addition of images, sharing, and downloading flashcard decks.

10) ForestForest is an app that keeps a student, and anyone else, focused on their work and free of distractions. Its simple approach is that whenever a person needs to focus on something, they plant a tree.

Yes, you heard that right! This is something of a carrot versus the stick kind of app where the virtual tree planted will grow when a person remains focused, and it dies if he/she gets distracted. It’s available for $1.99 in the app store.

Those are the top ten study apps for college students and cover a wide range of student needs from organization to study-aids. With these apps in a student’s pocket, they’re bound to increase their marks!