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The Top 11 Sports Ratings Highlights of 2017

2017 saw our nation’s three major sports leagues — NBA, NFL and MLB — become the top ratings focus on television. A major sport of generations ago (boxing) sparked a slight increased interest on cable. And the female sides of tennis and golf resulted in solid showings for their respective events. Here are the top eleven sports ratings moments of the year:

11. New York (and New York Alone) Loved ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’

Months prior to Mike Francesa’s departure from New York’s sports radio station WFAN after 30 years there, ESPN debuted the documentary “30 for 30: Mike and the Mad Dog”. While its original telecast on July 13 drew minimal national interest with a mere 657,000 viewers, the New York TV market — from where the “Mike and the Mad Dog” radio show had originated — posted a 2.5 local rating, which is the market’s top-rated 30 for 30/ESPN Films/Nine for IX premiere ever. The previous New York record was for “You Don’t Know Bo” on Dec. 8 2012 (2.1 local rating). ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’ was also the most New York-skewed ’30 for 30′, surpassing the “Big Shot” documentary from 2013 about the infamous John Spano scandal that rocked the NHL and the New York Islanders in the mid-90’s.

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