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Top Chrome Extension Development Examples for 2023

Chrome extension development example

Browser extensions are extremely useful when it comes to web tools and services: they work and deliver updates almost seamlessly, don’t require any storage space in your memory or icon on your desktop, and are handy both for work and leisure purposes. 

Chrome is now the world’s most popular browser, so it’s no surprise that dozens of new extensions for it are launching every month. To help you navigate this huge variety of tools, we asked specialists from Fively custom software company to make a list of the top 20 Chrome extension development examples, which are handy for programming, web design, and inspiration.

Extensions for Developers

React Developer Tools

This is an excellent tool if you work with React library: it helps you inspect it properly, where the Components element shows what React is using on the page, and the Profiler element shows the performance of the page.


This extension is useful for developers who often need to identify fonts used on web pages: it quickly identifies the family, size, weight, and color of a font, and can also save the font you liked to create your personal collection.

Web Developer Checklist

This Chrome developer add-on gives you a checklist of all the things that need to be completed on a page before publication. The tool analyzes the page and suggests best practices on SEO,  usability, accessibility, performance, and other important metrics.


This privacy extension is created to enhance security while using Chore. It’s blocking intrusive ads, stops tracking, prevents data collection, and blocks any page elements that slow your page performance down. 


Built as a handy tool for developers, it quickly identifies the underlying technologies behind any web pages like CMS type, analytics tools, plugins, JavaScript libraries used, and others.

Clear Cache

Clear Cache helps to see the code changes in the app’s UI as soon as they’re delivered without the need to modify any settings. At a touch of a button, it clears all browser cache with no extra confirmations or operations.


It’s a cool Chrome developer extension for measuring spacing, dimensions, and gaps between page elements, as well as anything else you see on the page. 


Githunt is a Chrome developer extension that highlights all trending projects in a new tab area in your browser, so you can search projects in different languages, read descriptions, the number of open issues, and select the project you’re interested in. 


This add-on enables you to read, edit, delete, create, and protect cookies on any page. You can also export cookies for analysis, import them into JSON, block them, and do anything else you need to a cookie. 

Tools for Designers


This eyedropper is a superb color selector which quickly identifies any color on any web page and zooms in so you can even select a border 1px wide. Its functionality includes a color history tool, a CSS gradient analyzer, and a page analyzer that assesses colors on a web page, so you can save the palette found on any website, analyze it, and identify all the combinations or individual colors used. 


It’s especially handy when working with responsive designs or apps, as it can resize any screen you’re working on to a range of popular screen sizes like a mobile, tablet, desktop, and others, and see how it will look with different browsers.

CSS Viewer

This extension shows you the CSS properties of a given page wherever you move your mouse over a certain element. It’s helpful both for creating simple WordPress themes and complex custom ones.

UX Check

This usability analyzer estimates a webpage using Nielsen’s 10 heuristics, quickly highlighting potential usability issues. You can use it to add notes, take screenshots and export the issues you’ve found to share them with your team. Ideal for a first-pass test before meticulous manual testing.

Print Friendly & PDF

If you ever need to save a page in a print-friendly format or as a PDF, you can easily do so with the Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension. The extension removes ads and other cluttering elements from the web page to turn it into a pleasant reading experience. You can also delete images and change the text size.

Tools for SEO Specialists

Check My Links

It’s a handy way to check a webpage for broken, invalid, and redirected links. Despite this being technically a dev tool, it’s extremely useful for SEO and marketing specialists too.


This is a free plugin that provides you with key SEO metrics and gives you the ability to analyze pages for Search Engine Optimization in the Google index. Includes PageRank, Alexa, Google Ad Viewer, SEObar, and dozens of other useful metrics.

Google Tag Assistant

This is a powerful extension that helps you ensure that your Google tags like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adwords Conversion Tracking, and more are working properly. 

Add-ons for Project Management and Productivity


It’s a project management tool that helps you create highly organized and catching to-do lists across all of your devices, which you can share with your team.  You can also add tasks here without opening a separate tab, or application.

Add to Trello 

This is a perfect extension for those who use Trello for team collaboration, project management, and personal tasks: it can easily add links as cards to your Trello boards without the need of opening them.


This add-on measures the time you spend on specific websites, helping you eliminate distractions when you need to concentrate at work. You can personalize it, setting any limit you want for social media and YouTube, for example.

Toggl Track Chrome

This extension will help you out if you tend to spend too much time on one task and overstay deadlines. It initiates a timer any time you open up your browser, with no need to start it on your phone, and tracks the time you spend on tasks.


This all-in-one productivity platform can consolidate all your communication at work into one centralized hub and manage tasks of all kinds. You don’t have to open multiple tubs anymore, as daily to-dos, making screenshots, saving websites and useful info therein, answering messages, and even performing complex tasks are done here in real-time. It also has a rich set of customizable features allowing you to optimize your company processes, plan sprints, and work in a team from anywhere. 


This is a password manager that automatically fills in passwords for all of the apps you save with this extension. It helps to save time and increases the security of your data.

Summing Up

The world of browser extensions is huge, but we sorted out the brightest and the most promising of them and then divided everything into several IT fields to make it a handy top list. We hope you will find some really cool developer and productivity tools here, which will make your life in the software world easier and smarter in several clicks.