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Top 3 Bitcoin Faucets to Earn BTC Easily

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You may think that earning Bitcoins is difficult, but it’s actually not. There are ways to receive a fraction of BTC without any considerable effort. All you have to do is solve a captcha. These ways are provided by websites called faucets, and we’re going to explain you how they work and which of them you should check out first.

How faucets work

Basically, faucets are websites that give out cryptocurrencies completely for free. They do that on some regular basis, like once an hour. You may ask: what’s the point for their owners, why do they give away valuable coins like that? Well, the answer is simple: they actually earn some money from you visiting their website, but you still don’t have to pay anything. Such websites may ask you to complete some simple tasks or watch advertisements in return.

How to choose a faucet

Okay, now let’s get to practice. Bitcoin faucets are not the same: they differ in how often their users receive coins, how much coins are given away every time, and what other features these services have. Of course, you want to find a faucet that allows you to perform tasks very often and gives generous rewards. And we’re going to help you by providing a list of approved sites that allow you to earn rather quickly. Let’s check them out.


FreeBitcoin is one of the oldest faucets out there that pays BTC for solving captchas. You can take one task every hour, and your reward is randomly generated by the website. However, the most frequent reward equals 58 satoshis. You can then withdraw them or bet on some games: roulette or lottery. However, you can’t withdraw your rewards right away: you have to gather 30.000 satoshis to do that. All in all, it’s a great way to earn a little BTC without effort.

Moon Bitcoin

This faucet is widely known for its enormous array of additional features. The basic principle is the same: every 5 minutes you’re allowed to solve a captcha. However, you choose the time yourself, and the more you wait, the more you can then receive: initially you only get 1 satoshi, but if you wait for 4 weeks, the reward will be 35 satoshis. You also get bonus tokens for each captcha which may be exchanged for BTC, too.


And if you don’t like captcha, there’s AdBTC. Here you may receive BTC rewards for viewing advertisements on your screen. It’s even easier, make sure to check it out.