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Top 3 PC Cleaner Software Utilities In 2022

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– Sluggish performance.

– Slow speed.

– System crashes.

These three things are more than enough to give any computer user a headache!

Fortunately, we have PC cleaners to deal with these problems. PC cleansers are utility software tools that help users deal with all the unwanted data and clear system space.

This ultimately helps the computer boost its performance and deliver tasks effectively and more efficiently.

What Are PC Cleaners?

A PC cleaner is not antivirus software. Let us make this clear before moving forward.

A PC cleaner software is optimization software that helps you accelerate the performance of your computer system. It takes care of many factors that otherwise are nearly impossible to look into.

For instance, PC cleaner software is a tool that removes junk and data fragments from the system. These junks include – log files, temp files, unwanted programs, residual files of uninstalled software, and cache files.

Furthermore, NoBSIMReviews GTE technology makes the computer ready for intensive tasks such as grace gaming or updating the drivers.

What’s more, a good PC cleaner helps the users add an extra layer of protection to handle security issues.

Why Do You Need A PC Cleaner?

With so many tasks at hand, it really becomes so difficult to keep an eye on every computer problem. Your PC might be running slow, and you might not have an idea why. And while you look online for a solution, the sheer amount of content can overwhelm you.

This is where a PC cleaner comes to the rescue. PC cleaner offers one-stop software that helps you keep track of your computer’s health and notify you when something is wrong.

While having in-built software to take care of these things, you might wonder why you need a PC cleaner. Well, you are right about that.

But, sometimes, with the windows updates, current data can be lost. So, having different software ensures that your data is safe and secure.

Top PC Cleaner Software Utilities In 2022

After testing various paid and free PC cleaner software tools, our team came to the conclusion that the following stand at the top.

1. Top PC Cleaner: iolo System Mechanic

iolo System Mechanic is perhaps the most complete PC cleaners software we have ever encountered. We are saying it is the most complete software because of its tailor-made features that help you find the exact solution you are looking for.

The moment it is installed in the system, it starts optimizing CPU, Memory, and other components. It deep scans your system to find any unwanted files and recommended fixes.

Features –

  • Detects and fixes more than 30,000 different issues.
  • Improve page speed and improve hidden internet settings.
  • Boost CPU, Hard Drive, and RAM.
  • Free space for your system by removing 50 different types of trash files.

2. Runner Up: Norton Utility Premium

Norton Utility Premium is a tool that helps you maintain your computer’s health. It comes with an advanced feature that helps you declutter all the problems, filter out, and repair them.

Norton focuses on optimizing the PC’s processing power, memory, and hard drive. It can fix any common and uncommon issues preventing your computer from running smoothly.

Features –

  • After the launch of this software, it automatically optimizes the CPU, RAM, and drive.
  • Detects and removes unwanted files and folders.
  • It helps you dispose of your personal information.
  • Easy-to-use interphase.

3. Runner Up: CCleaner Professional

CCleaner professional is a widely used PC cleaner software and has offered its services for years. It is known for its speed, privacy, and high security. CCleaner eliminates all the unwanted files from your system and allows your system to run faster.

This tool can easily delete search history, outdated applications, and registries to free space. With free memory, computers can’t breathe a little. What’s more, it doesn’t contain any spyware or adware, which makes the whole experience smooth.

Features – 

  • Deep scan your system in search of unwanted files.
  • Registry cleaning comes with advanced features to clean old registry entries.
  • Real-time system monitoring.

Let’s Clean Your PC!

Why are you still so hung up on using your slow computer when you have so many free and paid PC cleaners?

You should simply compare the top PC cleaner software for your system, especially if you are running on a budget laptop or PC, and pick the most suitable one that fits your needs.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to drop your queries in the comments section, we will ensure every query is answered.