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Top 3 Tips to Hire the Right Candidate for Your Luxury Brand

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Recruiting practices vary by industry. This is no different for luxury brands. A luxury brand is not essential for survival; therefore, the attitudes necessary for advertising, marketing, selling, and succeeding in the luxury industry differ greatly from those in most other industries. 

If you can’t do it all by yourself, don’t worry, you can hire an experienced luxury sales recruitment agency to do the work. 

You’ve probably dealt with some of these challenges as a luxury brand looking to hire. Certains products or brands may be viewed as unethical or unnecessary. 

It takes a lot of skill to navigate a luxury hiring process and find the best candidates for any role. Candidates have to be evaluated for the key attributes that make them successful in a dynamic workplace.

Each industry faces unique challenges, but no industry is more isolated within its own ecosystem than that of luxury. 

In order to find the best and most talented candidates for a given job, you have to consider particular audiences, specific branding restrictions, even specific hiring restrictions. 

The current global job market shake-up, coupled with the difficulty many brands face with filling open roles, makes now the ideal time to make the changes required to remain competitive.

The following are eight tips to help luxury and premium businesses attract the right candidates. An important first step is to put a high-end spin on traditional recruitment methods.

1: Stand out from the crowd

It is crucial to make your brand stand out when hiring for luxury brands. With luxury brands already having a reputation for distinctiveness and exceptional, luxury brands have an advantage when building name and recognition. 

As an employer, you want to differentiate yourself as a top-notch brand just as much as you want to portray yourself as a great employer. One way to do so is to create and improve your company’s value proposition.

To determine your brand’s value proposition, you may need to conduct deep introspection. 

Being an employee of a luxury brand is valuable, but it is not sufficient. You’re in the same boat as every other luxury brand when it comes to hiring the best candidates. You need to stand out not just from other non-luxury companies, but from your direct competitors as well.

2: Don’t let the past hold you back

There are often contrasts in the world of luxury. Luxury brands, for instance, can be quite literally centuries old. 

They are known for their “old fashioned” money and for staying power that is largely grounded in their legacy of generational luxury.

However, even the most traditional luxury brands need to keep up with the times. A number of modern technologies can be used to collect a wide range of information, such as R&D information, marketing data, and hiring data, so utilizing those technologies is essential.

Is modern technology a powerful tool for luxury recruitment? By using artificial intelligence for filtering and selection, modern hiring software and platforms can help you narrow your talent pool. 

Further, modern communication technologies can be essential to retaining candidates, preventing ghost candidates, and representing your company as modern and forward-thinking, regardless of the reputation you enjoy with consumers.

Although your tradition may be heavily based on history, many candidates now don’t want to use calculators or deal with paperwork that can be handled by a computer. It is important to embrace tradition while embracing technology as well.

3: Using referrals from employees

Luxury brands themselves are one of the main benefits. Luxury brands are often a part of a person’s lifestyle and legacy. Those who work for luxury brands will be loyal to their employers in return. 

Careers can be formed through this relationship. You are more likely to attract high-quality talent to your organization when you treat your employees with loyalty and respect because they become some of your best ambassadors.

Having like-minded individuals is the key here. The people already working for you understand the mindset of working in luxury environments better than anyone else.

 In their view, employees have the best idea of what new hires should have, and can refer to individuals with those qualities, while also referring to people who may not be familiar to you as a manager.