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Top 4 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development

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The crypto sphere is growing by leaps and bounds, allowing us the opportunity to adopt a modern way of safeguarding our wealth. We can now handle high-volume purchases at a relatively low cost, thanks to this ground-breaking approach. As a result, we see an increase in the growth of cryptocurrency payment gateways worldwide. It gives us better dimensions to grow our company by opening up new areas of operations for us. It provides us with a plethora of advantages while maintaining a consistent and predictable growth rate. We will now affiliate with far more markets to render them a member of small businesses thanks to introducing blockchain-based crypto payment gateways. The use of digital assets in various niches increases our odds of improving cybersecurity around the globe. For more information visit bitcoin future.

CoinGate cryptocurrency payment gateway solution equips merchants with the ability to accept a variety of digital currencies. CoinGate connects your website to a fully automated platform with its invoicing, order status tracking, accounting, and role-based management capabilities.

Many reputable cryptocurrency payment gateway development firms, such as Bit Pay, will help you develop your own cryptocurrency payment gateway. They will completely exclude third parties, which prolong processing times and increase transaction costs, by using this method. If the popularity of cryptocurrency grows, so does the need for various payment-facilitating methods.


BitPay is one of the most common blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment gateways, making it simpler for many citizens to trade digital objects. It runs on various devices, including iOS and Android, and can be reached conveniently with just a tap of your finger.

How this Platform Works:

  • Deposit and withdrawal methods have been improved.
  • With two-step authentication, the wallet’s security is assured.
  • The actual market rate is often used when exchanging funds.
  • Coin transfers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be completed anywhere in the world.
  • It excels at maximizing profitability while minimizing losses in the market.

It was introduced as an open-source initiative and came with several ground-breaking services that greatly aided crypto enthusiasts. The exchange was established in the Commonwealth of Dominica, and it focused on ready-to-use plugins and APIs to make trading more accessible and profitable for all traders.

How this Platform Works:

  • Registration would not necessitate the use of a legitimate bank account or identification.
  • It also allows users to sell photographs, songs, URLs, videos, and online text using digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Allows you to offer the goods on its website by downloads.
  • Enable you to use third-party services for E-commerce, such as WooCommerce.
  • Members can win money by successful verification.
  • Joining associates and other services will also help you earn money.


SpectroCoin one of the first payment processing gateways in Europe, and it played a significant role in raising awareness of the tech. Additionally, this portal offers a wide range of opportunities for both individuals and businesses, including innovative technology solutions. They’ve implemented top-of-the-line payment automation software, processing APIs, and plugins on all fronts.

How this Platform Works:

  • On its exchange platform, it offers more than 30 cryptos.
  • The withdrawal and deposit restrictions may be adjusted to fit your requirements.
  • It’s also compliant with e-commerce app plugins like WooCommerce, VirtueMart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, and others.
  • You will use the API to buy and sell a diverse range of digital properties.


CoinPayments, founded in 2013, has established itself as a reliable choice for all cryptocurrency users worldwide. You will trade more than 1480 coins on this website, including Bitcoin and a variety of others. It provides token investors with an optimal trading platform and increases the reliability of transactions. CoinPayments often has pre-installed shopping cart plugins that make cryptocurrency-based online shopping easier. It also protects transfers with a strong wallet and improves purchase outcomes in any aspect. It provides traders with a wide range of opportunities, including using digital assets in other realms.

How this Work:

  • It has a trading rate of just 0.5 percent and can handle over 1200 coins.
  • With their tools and modules, a variety of online carts may be used.
  • With a special name, all coins can be submitted and obtained on this website.
  • With the help of the GAP600 protocol, payments are made quicker.
  • This token will be used to launch new tokens and coins by airdrops.
  • Multi-coin wallets may be set up, and automatic coin transfer is possible.

CoinGate Cryptocurrency Gateway Features

  • The payment gateway does not require consistent maintenance; ‘

  • Multiple integrations available, including API and Plugins (Woocommerce, PrestaShop, WHMCS, OpenCart and many more)

  • 1% fee from processed transactions. No setup or recurring fees;

  • Invoices are calculated using real-time cryptocurrency exchange rates;

  • While customers can pay with more than 70 cryptocurrencies, payouts to merchants can be made in a single (or multiple) currencies – EUR/USD, BTC, or other cryptocurrencies;

  • There’s a sandbox environment for testing the CoinGate services using Tesnet Bitcoin;

  • No more risk of fraudulent chargebacks;

  • The ability to extend invoice expiration time (if payouts are set in BTC);

  • Accept slight underpayments automatically;

  • In some instances, customers can request refunds on the invoice page and get refunded without the seller’s involvement.

How does it work? An example:

  1. An item in the store costs 100 EUR.

  2. A customer adds an item to the cart and selects to pay with Bitcoin.

  3. An invoice is generated by CoinGate, calculating the exact price of BTC at the moment an invoice is presented to the customer.

  4. Once the invoice is paid, the merchant is notified via email and is credited 99 EUR worth of BTC to his account (100 EUR minus the 1% flat fee).

  5. Merchants can receive payouts in a single or multiple fiat or crypto currencies selected in the invoice settings menu.