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Top 4 Games for Two People

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Playing games is a joy for everyone, as there are offers for everyone. Those who love something elaborate, can try Cyberpunk 2077, for risk lovers, there are National Casino online baccarat and poker, and people, who want to spend time in a company, can try these games.


Bombsquad is set up simply: there are players and an arsenal of many different bombs with which to blow everyone else up. Modes that add a strategic approach to the use of weapons make the process exciting.

PvE modes are reminiscent of the classic Tower Defense in Orcs Must Die format, where players need to properly mark off areas with their own explosive ambushes so that passing waves of mobs will die in them.

Bombsquad allows for parties of up to 4 people, but it’s the lively communication that gives the game the drive it needs. Negotiations, momentary plans, frustrating failures – through this, Bombsquad manages to achieve a team effect reminiscent of beat-em-up with Dendy and Sega.

Duel Otters

Duel Otters features 13 mini-games for two players. Each of them requires different skills: some just need to echo your opponent, others require reaction, and some will force you to think.

Excessive simplicity and short Duel Otters sessions make the game an indispensable time-killer for two. On the subway, in a long line or at a boring university lecture, these otters can unobtrusively eat up a few dozen minutes of your time.


A cartoon adaptation of American soccer for mobile platforms. Local multiplayer, three-button controls, a lot of fun – all for interesting time-killing.

Every Touchdowners session is a miniature 3 on 3 match where you control all your players at once. It’s only done with three buttons, so there’s always a bacchanalia going on on the makeshift pitch where you can only score a touchdown by chance – but that’s the fun part.

King of Opera

King of Opera’s simplicity borders on genius. There is a player: a corpulent opera singer. There is the stage: the local playing field. And there is a beam of theatrical spotlight, selecting the main character. Your task is simple: stay in the spotlight as long as possible. Except that three more live opponents will get in the way.

Each singer in the King of Opera is constantly rotating around its axis, and you can only move forward. Therefore, in order to push your opponent out of the light you must first correctly aim at him. If you do not want to compete at all, you can try and local PVE-modes, providing even battles with bosses.