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Top 4 Platforms for Preparation: Pass Microsoft 70-741 Exam in Two Ticks

The professionals understand the importance of certifications for their career success. A certificate puts you ahead of the pack and gives you a strong footing in any organization. Although the credentials are prestigious and very rewarding, earning some of the most popular of them can be quite challenging. You require to study and hone your skills to be able to succeed. It is a known fact that many professionals take their desired certification exams more than once before they finally pass. All these things point to the fact that earning a certificate is not a child’s play. You need to be dedicated and focused in preparing for your test.Although you have to go the extra mile in preparation to earn your credential, the end result is worth all your efforts. Now, if you really want to have a prosperous career in the field of IT, you cannot boycott certifications. Organizations are looking for the specialists with the proof of competence and skills, and interestingly, a certificate is accepted by many hiring managers.

Microsoft is one of the leading certification providers in the field of Information Technology and the organization that offers both software and hardware products. Many companies utilize Windows computer software and hardware, Cloud services, and operating system. If you are not sure of how important Microsoft products are in organizations, take a look at the companiesyou your friends work with. You will discover a trend: Microsoft is a strong player when it comes to product and service delivery for organization. Hence, it comes the need to equip the professionals working on their products and services with the knowledge and skills they need to function optimally.

Based on this need, Microsoft offers a wide range of certifications for the individuals in different career paths. MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate): Windows Server 2016 is one of the top credentials that validate the candidate’s capacity to create and design solutions through the application of core Microsoft technologies. To attain this Microsoft certificate, you are required to go through the certification process and pass three different exams.Microsoft 70-741 is one of them. TheNetworking with Windows Server 2016 test is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills of candidates on specific networking features that are available in Windows Server 2016. It includes DNS, IPAM, DHCP implementations, DFS, SDN implementations, and remote access solutions.

No doubt, preparing for this exam requires some efforts. You need to engage in effective study and learning. There are numerous resources that are available to help you with the learning process. In this certification guide, we will take a look at some top resources that will provide you with rich materials to study for your test. These resource platforms are reputable. They offer up-to-date materials and they have been verified by seasoned experts in the industry. Let us discuss them one after another.

1. CBT Nuggets
CBT Nuggets offers training courses on Microsoft MCSA 70-741 Questions & Answers and many other certification exams. The instructor on the platform is undoubtedly a seasoned professional with wealth of experience in terms of Microsoft products and services. He offers relevant preparation tips and tricks that will help the candidates in their learning process. If you decide to study with this site, you will have access to the training courses on Windows Server 2016, and Microsoft 70-741 is one of them. In addition to the course, you will also be equipped with study and exam strategies that will prepare you for the test. You will also get some practice questions to work with to evaluate your level of readiness for the exam.

2. Firebrand
This is a platform that provides the students with effective learning environment. Firebrand is known for their quality and up-to-date prep materials. You will have access to manystudy materials and exam dumps to help you have an effective test preparation. There is also a helpful guide and tips available on the site to help you know the best way to prepare for your exam. Preparing with this platform is effective and fast. Everything you need in order to pass your Microsoft 70-741 is available on the site.

3. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Your Microsoft exam preparation is not complete without going through the Microsoft Virtual Academy. As a matter of fact, we recommend that you start your exam prep right from this platform. You can access various free tools on the site to help you start off your preparation. There are numerous learning materials that are available for free. You can also take the certification course and access various study guides and tools by signing up for the premium study package on the platform. You will have access to practice exams to help you get familiar with the test style and pattern, and to evaluate your strong and weak areas in the certification exam content.

4. PrepAway
PrepAway is a great platform to get the tools you need to prepare for your Microsoft 70-741 exam. The website offers numerous relevant materials that have been certified up to date by seasoned experts in the field. You can access training coursesand practice tests on the site. You can also take the simulation test to enable you have a real-life feel of the actual exam setting. You will also have access to exam dumps and various other materials that will ensure your effective study. If you are looking for a platform where you can have all your preparation materials in one place, PrepAway is the best place to check.

In addition to all these resources, there are so many others. There are PluralSight and Udemy, for example. One thing you need to have in mind is that whatever platform you decide to have your study and training course, your part of dedicated study cannot be replaced. No matter how great the platform is, if you don’t spend enough time to focus on studying the materials, there is no way you can develop competence for the exam.