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Top 5 Affordable Laptops for Students

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So, when we talk about laptops, the very first thing that comes in our mind is to do official tasks and for study purposes.

It is not wrong if we say that using laptops by students is very important and must have by the students.

But here we are talking about the students and their budget. we all know that for students it is somehow difficult to afford that much expensive laptop.

But we have many options of having the best laptop at a reasonable price and that is considered as the budget laptops.

The very basic thing in a laptop is to check its specifications and if it has the best specifications and suitable according to you then it is meant for you.

But the thing is to check very clearly and focus on the best specifications we can have in a laptop that can be used for students especially.

For a laptop for students, we need speed so that it can easily perform our tasks in time and without any difficulty.

We have the suggestions of top 5 laptops that are affordable and meant for students so, you must have a look at them.

MacBook Air

As we all know that Apple is the best brand when it comes to the manufacturing of smart devices like phones and laptops.

We have seen many products manufactured by Apple and they are very long-lasting and can be used for many years.

The other thing is performance and when it comes to performance Apple never fails to amaze its audience. Also, you can sell your macbook pro easily for a new one with more features and specs.

So, we have some of the best or the most important specifications to discuss is its hardware including RAM and other things.

This laptop comes along with the Apple M1 chip with an 8-core CPU that is quite a good option for a laptop and the processor is the very basic thing to consider.

Then it comes to the RAM and RAM is the second most important specification or hardware being used by laptops and computers.

So, we have 8GB-16GB unified RAM which makes this device the best gaming laptop too. We can even play games on it.

Google Chromebook

Google designed these laptops especially for learning purposes and for students. We have seen many features in this laptop that help in learning.

And the other thing we have seen in this laptop is the built quality and the hardware quality so, we can have this laptop if we prefer to get a long-lasting device.

Apart from the built quality, there are many more things to be the focus and consider like the specifications and its specifications are more than enough to impress.

Starting with the very basic one, we have found an intel core m3 i7 processor installed in this laptop and this is quite a good option as well.

And then we have the options of using the RAM which can be 8GB-16GB that is also good for gaming and for learning the purpose of course.

So, in consideration of the built quality and the hardware specifications, we have found this laptop best in its features.

HP Chromebook 14

We can say that this is the most well-balanced Chromebook we have today. There are many more things that are added to this laptop.

If you are willing to get a laptop that is compact and has the best features then this should be the best option.

This laptop comes along with a 14-inches display and this is quite a good option so that you can easily carry this laptop to anywhere you are going.

We have some best specifications like we have seen AMD A4 – A6, Intel Celeron N3350 – N3450 processors in this laptop.

Then we come towards the RAM and we have 4GB-8GB RAM installed in this laptop by default and it is perfect for the use of a student.

And these features are of course for you and you have a look at them to grab your best laptop.

Microsoft Surface Go

Whenever it comes to the size and designs, Microsoft Surface laptops never fail to amaze their customers.

And same goes in this case, we have a slim laptop that has the best cool looks. So, it is cleared that the very first thing is design and we have the best regarding this laptop.

There are many more things like GPU and CPU to be a focus on and that’s something really important than the design.

8th Gen Intel Core m3 – Intel Pentium Gold Processor 4425Y processor is being used in this laptop and that can be the premium choice.

There is somehow compromise on the RAM but still, it is the best option in this price and budget so, we must go with this laptop.

Acer Chromebook Spin 311

If you want a compact device that can be very suitable and easy to carry wherever you are traveling and it will never disturb your learning.

And this laptop can be used to play games and this laptop can run all the games on it and that’s something amazing for this laptop.

We have an intel Celeron N4000 processor installed in this laptop and we have found it best regarding learning or study purpose.

The RAM is comparatively very low and there is a compromise on the RAM, it comes along with 4GB RAM.

Wrap up

For the students, it is nearly impossible to have an expensive laptop and it is also quite difficult t have a poor laptop.

So, we just need to focus on both; the price and the specifications if we are making something for students.

We have discussed some of the best laptops that are affordable and useful for the students and you can easily choose any of them.