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Top 5 Applications Built with Flutter Framework

Did you know that around 3.5 billion people are using smartphones globally according to several reports in 2020 and this number is more than ever. This number will surely keep increasing over time which is why everyone is trying to go digital. Since new industries are going digital, people need to learn how to build an app or hire developers to build it for them.

Mostly industries hire developers, particularly UK app developers, to build an easy to use, clean, fast, and attractive UI in no time and that too for iOS and Android both platforms. This is where cross platforms app development platforms like flutter come into play saving a lot of developers time.

Flutter is a leading cross-platform app development framework introduced by Google in 2017 to create a native interfaced eye-catching application that will run smoothly on Android and iOS platforms. Flutter has a very fast renderer as well and many other features that more than one flutter app development company uses in their projects.

Here is a list of Top 5 Applications built using Flutter Framework showcasing Flutter’s worth as a great cross-platform mobile app development framework.

Google Ads
Google Ads is a very powerful tool for people who run ads for their products, services, stores, etc. It is built using the Flutter framework to check how the ad is performing in a single click on smartphones. The UI is so easy to use that it enables you to create and run ad from your smartphone without any hassle.

Xianyu (Alibaba)
Xianyu by Alibaba is one of the most successful eCommerce app built with cross-platform app framework flutter, and compatible with both Android and iOS Platforms. Alibaba used Flutter to get a smooth and effective interface for its shopping platform. Now, Xianyu is used by approx 200 million users which shows the true potential of apps built by Flutter.

Birch Finance
Birch Finance is another cool, easy to use finance app built with flutter framework. It has a very simple yet attractive UI enabling the users to manage and optimize their existing credit cards. With the Birch Finance app, users can track their expenses and find different offers to earn some rewards in the form of coupons or credits.

Reflecty is a personal journal or diary in the form of a mobile application to store your daily thoughts. It is powered by artificial intelligence to fill you up with positive thoughts. It also gives insights about the mental health of users based on the answers given on the daily thought process.

It is built on Flutter and has a very fast and clean UI both on Android as well as iOS devices making it one of the top journal applications to store daily events.

Hamilton Musical
If you love music, you might have heard of the Hamilton app. It is the official app of Broadway Musical. Hamilton is a feature-rich application built with flutter.

With the Hamilton app, the users can get latest news about Hamilton in the Hamilton Today section. Along with this, they can even buy trending merch, participate in daily trivia, can have access to the lottery section, and do many more things. The developers chose the Flutter Framework because they wanted to code only once for both Android & iOS devices and they are pretty happy with their decision.