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Top 5 Bitcoin Movies You Need To Watch ASAP

By now, chances are you’ve heard of bitcoin. After all, it has been all over the news recently as its value continues to surge and plummet at unprecedented rates. In fact, there are sites like bezdepozytu that deal entirely in bitcoin in slots games and roulette games, having outgrown traditional currencies entirely.

Today, we thought we would take a look at five of the best bitcoin movies you need to watch, which will hopefully answer any questions you have about the digital cryptocurrency.

5. “Bitcoin in Argentina”

For anyone who lives outside of Argentina, it would be hard to truly understand just how problematic their economy currently is. By far one of the largest issues Argentinians face is the high inflation rates that their currency regularly experiences – often fluctuating by 20-25% per year. Due to this, the Argentinian Peso can no longer serve its purpose as a store of value, and cannot be exchanged for other currencies such as dollars or euros. Argentinian Pesos can’t even be used to buy gold legally so how are the Argentinian natives supposed to survive? The answer is bitcoins, something that the documentary makers explore profusely throughout this film. By the end of “Bitcoin in Argentina” you’ll be completely convinced of the power of cryptocurrencies.

4. “Bitcoin in Uganda”

Similar to “Bitcoin in Argentina,” this documentary depicts the many uses of bitcoin in countries where the national currency isn’t thriving. In “Bitcoin in Uganda,” the film follows Ronald, a man who receives bitcoins to pay for his education from his family who have settled in the United States of America. Not only is Ronald benefiting from the use of bitcoins but plenty of other Ugandans are using bitcoins too to avoid the high transaction fees provided by alternative, more traditional money senders like Western Union. “Bitcoin in Uganda” really explores the benefits of bitcoin in an emotional, raw way rarely seen in similar documentaries.

3. “Life on Bitcoin”

Ever since bitcoin became big in 2009, sceptics have continuously tried to undermine just how useful the cryptocurrency is in everyday life. To combat these claims, newlyweds Austin and Becky decided to pay for everything in their lives with bitcoin for 100 days. This documentary is must-watch. However, you must remember while watching that this film came out in 2013. These days, bitcoin is much more widely accepted, having been adopted by all sorts of businesses from Microsoft to Expedia, as well as long-established Internet staples such as online casinos. In fact, there are sites like that deal entirely in bitcoin in slots and roulette games, having outgrown traditional currencies entirely. Still, Life on Bitcoin is definitely worth a watch to see how much bitcoin has grown.

2. “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”

While the documentaries we’ve previously mentioned focus on the specific uses of digital currencies, “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” explores the story behind bitcoin, including events that occurred long before bitcoin became this mainstream. Since it first hit the headlines in 2009, bitcoin has been regarded as a socio-economic experiment that continues to this day, and it really is a fascinating story. Throughout this documentary, you’ll experience the highs and lows of the past nine years of bitcoin and, chances are, you’ll be the most knowledgeable of your friends when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

1. “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It”

Finally, our winner of the top five movies about bitcoin is one you need to watch ASAP! This hour-long documentary exploring how and why bitcoin could affect the traditional economic system was filmed by none other than Torsten Hoffmann and was released in December 2014, when bitcoin was first beginning to gain mass amounts of global popularity. In fact, the public was so interested in bitcoin that the film managed to raise 17,362 Australian Dollars in backing from Kickstarter. Throughout, Hoffmann and his crew track down and question people who have dedicated much of the last few years to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Please let us know what you think of these movies and please leave a comment below if there are any movies you think are worth adding to our list.