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Top 5 Emergency Loans For Bad Credit In August 2022: Borrow Money Instantly From Top Payday Lenders

An emergency loan is personal funding that may help cover unexpected expenses, such as medical bills. You may always use them for bad credit or some other short-term needs. 

When you need quick cash to pay for unexpected expenses, getting an emergency might be one of the best options, primarily for people with bad credit. Emergency loans mostly come with lower interest rates and more favorable repayment terms. 

But, one of the best personal loan lenders offers an easy online application and same or next-day funding, giving you access to faster cash when needed. 

However, to make you find it more accessible, we reviewed the best online lenders that may be suitable for your needs, so continue reading for more information about emergency loans with bad credit. 

Best Emergency Same Day Loans For Bad Credit

  • MoneyMutual – Overall Best Emergency Loans For Bad Credit; Editor’s Choice
  • BadCreditLoans – Top Loan Lenders For High interest Loans
  • RadCred – Recommended Short-Term Loans For Emergency Cash Funding
  • CashUSA –  Reliable Financial Institution Offering Loans With No Credit Check
  • Personal Loans – Popular Platform Offering Personal Loans For Fair Credit Score

Reviews Section

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Emergency Loans For Bad Credit; Editor’s Choice

Nowadays, MoneyMutual is one of the best companies that provide bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. It is one of the country’s most reputed loan providers and may help you pair up with a perfect lender for your budget and get approval for that loan as quickly as you want. 

It has over 60 short-term payday lenders on the list that are transparent about their applicable conditions and terms. So, you should be at least 18 years old if you want to apply and earn a minimum of $800 per month. 

Then, all you have to do is go to the site to fill out the required forms, and you will have to access all of MoneyMutual’s lenders. They will send your application to multiple lenders, and then you will have to wait until you start to receive different offers. 

Its website is well-known for its emphasis on security and is secured with Norton encryption. It is a great place to look if you need an emergency loan because you can always request money from the safety of your home.


As per theislandnow, MoneyMutual is a free service that operates as a middleman during the loan approval process by helping borrowers meet the lenders online. The APR ranges from 39% to 24%. 

The loan amount you can borrow from MoneyMutual might range from $5,000 to $35,000, and the interest rates will depend on the lender, so always make sure you know what the rate is before you sign anything. You may also do smaller loans from $300 to $500.

One of the best advantages is that they do not charge extra fees for the services for people with bad credit scores. Moreover, if you feel that you don’t know much about loans, MoneyMutual provides useful educational information. Because it is a go-between and connects borrowers to lenders, it does not have any bearing on the conditions and terms of the loan-borrowing process. 

Its payday loans are one of the most accessible loan types, and their qualification criteria are not difficult to meet, but the interest rates are often through the roof. If you get a cash advance might help you get a loan faster and in cash than loans disbursed to your bank account.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual


  • There is an easy application process
  • Does not have any extra fee expenses 
  • Various loan types are available
  • You might receive the funds within 24 hours
  • Great website design
  • The brand has educational resources
  • There are more than 60 lenders
  • It is a secure site


  • It is possible to get a personal loan if you are only a US citizen
  • After you sign, you don’t have protection against some debt problems

#2. BadCreditLoans: Top Loan Lenders For High interest Loans

BadCreditLoans was founded in 1998 to find people with bad credit who struggle with finances and find suitable lenders to provide money. 

It is a free online lending site that does not offer loans but connects you to lenders to work with you. Even if their site may not find a good match for you, they will refer you to more lenders so you can enjoy your loan as quickly as possible. 

These credits are made for the perception of financial emergencies and may strike at any time, which makes it difficult for people to get funds from the banks. 

The company always covers whether you want immediate debt consolidation, debts, rent, mortgage, credit card refinances, medical, auto repairs, or something else. Moreover, as their name suggests, they cater to and offer loans to folks having a bad credit history. 

Another great feature about this company is that besides connecting people who need loans, they care about being a charitable force in their community. 

To complete their online form is very easy and fast. It takes only a few minutes, and then you just need to go to their website, enter bank account details, personal information, and some other qualifiers, and then be ready to choose your loan in just a minute. 


BadCreditLoans offer reasonable fees and interest rates ranging from around 5,99% to 35,99%. It has a huge network of lenders, but the exact number is not revealed. This platform may give credit-related materials additional to loans. 

Furthermore, it goes to many personal loans, such as a mortgage, businesses, vehicles, and more. If the lender chooses to collaborate with you, it will probably present you with a loan agreement, but you will be under no obligation to accept the loan you get. 

Depending upon your requirement, you may decide to reject or accept it. In case you do not get any loan offer from the lenders, the loan portal will probably forward your application to third-party lenders for different credit-related services. 

They may also offer you different types of assistance, including debt relief, credit repair, and other related financial services. Emergency loans with bad credit offer handy tips and advice on when to take out the loan and how to spend the funds responsibly, so they are a great option to choose when you need the most.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoan


  • There is a free service
  • The brand has educational resources 
  • Simple application process
  • Fast transfer of funds
  • A large number of trustworthy lenders
  • It is a safe and secure platform


  • Not suitable for borrowers who need loans more than $10,000 

#3. RadCred: Recommended Short-Term Loans For Emergency Cash Funding

Radcred is one of the most renowned lending networks and has existed for more than 19 years. They are a new lending network that combines tribal loans, peer-to-peer lending, and traditional lenders into one convenient location. 

Also, it has grown very fast in the short time it has been open and presently offers personal and installment loans to individuals with many different types of credit all over the US. 

RadCred doesn’t lend money but gives you a platform with good or no credit to shop around for the cheapest rates, which takes advantage of many different offers from other banks and lenders. 

It is firmly in the upper echelon of lender networks because of its high quality of services. The application is swift and easy, has a great site welcoming to beginners, and provides all the required information. 

Like the other platforms, RadCred sends you loan regular offers after signing in, so don’t get disheartened if you do not get one straight away. 


RedCred guarantees a loan credit within 24 hours after you find a suitable lender, and the application has been approved after going through all the implications and requirements. 

Its fee procedure is divided into three different protocols, including prepayment fee, processing fee, and late payment fee. The processing fee might range from 1% to 2% of the total loan amount credited to you. 

If you opt for a prepayment procedure, you may reduce your loan’s total interest cost on the same day and have to consider the prepayment history. You should also agree to pay the loan amount within a specific time, but if you do not, you should decide to obtain your loan on the same day you will pay the late charges. 

RedCred connects you with the lender offering around $500 to $35,000 loans, but most lenders stop the loans at $10,000. Depending on your credit and the loan you take out, RadCred lenders might allow you to repay your loan up to 90 days from the date you get the funds as long as 72 months. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred


  • The fast and easy online process
  • Generous loan amounts available
  • The platform has a great website design
  • There are competing lenders
  • Many satisfied customers


  • Many personal loan eligibility requirements

#4. CashUSA: Reliable Financial Institution Offering Loans With No Credit Check

This company represents an online lending platform that links borrowers with a network of no-credit-check loan providers and offers one of the market’s most competitive loan rates. It is a great company because it facilitates guaranteed and quick loans even to those with the poorest credit.

You may borrow $500 to $10,000 from a lender via CashUSA, but your credit score depends on how much money you can lend. If you want to request a loan from CashUSA, you will have to apply only online. 


The application process is straightforward, and you will need to fill in a few basic information, like financial and personal details. Its Annual Percentage Rate varies from 5.99% to 35.99%, and it may take between 90 days to 72 months to repay the loan. 

You can choose one lender from the list, and after setting it, you will need to fill out another application form. After finishing the application process, you may receive the cash in your bank account in the next few hours. This is only one of the many benefits of applying for a bad credit loan online.

Moreover, one of the most prominent features of this company is the education center on its website, which provides you with all the necessary information regarding finance-related things. For example, calculating debt and credit score, setting your priorities and budget, choosing a financial advisor, and more. Below you can see some more benefits of CashUSA:

  • It implements strong security measures which protect the personal data of the borrowers.
  • The loan amount will be deposited in your account before noon if you apply for the loan.

However, there are no restrictions on your funds from the lenders of CashUSA, so you can spend your money wherever you want. If you sign your contract and it is approved, a hard credit inquiry will be made and appear on your credit report. 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • No credit check
  • Fast and free service is provided
  • Great educational resources on a wide range of financial matters
  • There is an easy application process
  • Personal data security 
  • There are flexible repayment periods
  • The brand has an excellent customer service


  • Not suitable for borrowers that want to borrow loans of more than $10,000

#5. Personal Loans: Popular Platform Offering Personal Loans For Fair Credit Score

Personal Loans offers a very secure and fast transfer of funds when you need them the most and was founded in 2015 to integrate conventional lenders and tribal loans in one place. 

However, in case you have shaky credit or are self-employed, using tribal loans might be an excellent option to get no credit check loans. 

Personal Loans can lend you money up to $35,000, which is another excellent reason for choosing this company. They provide personal loans to people with many credit levels throughout the US. 

Moreover, it is a lead generator in the loan industry. Even if you do not qualify on any other platform for a bad credit loan or a poor credit score, you can contact the company for guaranteed loans. 


You have a lot of possibilities if you choose to go on with Personal Loans, as they offer broad loan types, such as tax loans, bad credit loans, payday loans, debt consolidation, and emergency loans.

They have a straightforward application process that you only need to fill out once you visit the website. After you enter the amount, you need a few steps to complete the process.

In the first step, you will need to provide your name and the reason why you want to apply for a loan, and then you have to provide your contact and employment details and credit information. 

When the application is submitted, the lenders will contact you to approve your loan, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account within 24 hours. Another great reason why Personal Loans have risen to the top is that the loan sitter ladder can provide flexibility to the customers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans


  • Funds available in just one day 
  • It has a free service
  • Loans up to $35,000
  • Repayment up to 72 months
  • Service available across the U.S. 
  • Very beneficial for those who need a high-value loan
  • No credit check


  • If you have abysmal credit scores, your request might not get approved

How Did We Make This List Of Online Payday Lenders Offering Quick Loans?

When considering emergency loans, we focused on the essential factors like the amount you can borrow, the interest rates, the refund period, etc. But, we mainly focused on the network’s characteristics and reviews from the customers after basic filtering. 

The analysis provided us with any piece of information about the company’s reliability, the maximum magnitude of the granted loan, and many other factors. 

Finally, we found that avoiding companies that do not offer assistance when needed is the best option. However, below you can see all aspects we looked for to make this article. Therefore, the factors we considered are: 

  • Transparency of the lender’s service

It is essential to see how honest the lender’s services are as they should always have transparent fees equivalent to those offered by other online creditors. 

For that reason, we carefully checked to ensure whether they listed their collaborators since some creditors are discreet about their cooperators. 

  • Loan amount

The loan amount is very important for emergency needs. We only chose the best options that offer a sufficient amount because many money-lending companies put the same amount as the upper limit for a credit loan without checking the background. 

  • Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are essential since they have plenty regarding the whole application process of the loan, including charges, repayment amounts, privacy policies, and fines. 

You should avoid engaging with a creditor who is not interested in your ability to repay the loan. But, don’t worry, the companies we chose in this article have beneficial terms and criteria, so choosing one of them might be one of the best options to avoid any problems.

  • Security and safety

We eliminated some networks since they did not take enough preventive measures to protect the customers’ information. When seeking online funding, all customers are asked to give essential facts like their bank account information, phone, email, etc. 

So, considering this, we ruled out all companies that did not have safe websites or have not implemented proper security measures, including data encryption. 

  • Customer satisfaction

Sometimes customer feedback reveals a lot about a company and its trustworthiness. So, as a result, we looked at the prior customer’s experience with each organization and examined the network’s service offerings. Moreover, customer satisfaction might be determined by the time a company operates. 

  • Professionalism

We checked the loan platforms’ customer services and the website design to see how professional they are. Then we examined the loan application process for convenience and wanted to ensure whether the networks we selected did not have a tedious and long setup process. 

  • Customer support

This is provided by the service that goes with the customers’ satisfaction. All suitable lenders have agents who may always assist their customers if they have some problem when requesting a loan by coming up with a solution and trying to answer all their questions. Excellent customer support is available through an email, hotline, or an option for live chat. 

  • Confidentiality policies

We ensured that the company’s system kept all information safe and secure. The companies we chose are one of the best ones for emergency loans with bad credit, so choosing one of them might be the best option for your needs. 

  • Approval time

This is another critical factor in emergency loans. The approval time is always considered in the period when a customer asks up until the service provides a loan. All good lending companies should answer within 24 hours. 

Moreover, the industry is filled with services that can provide you with a loan, but it takes longer, which the customers don’t like. The companies we chose answer within 24 hours, and the whole process might be complete in just a few hours. Now, let’s look at the best providers of emergency loans in the marketplace. 

Guide: Things to Consider When Looking for Emergency Loans with Bad Credit

  • Interest rate

The interest rate you will pay on your property loan depends on many factors like your loan amount, income, credit history, term, and the banking institution or lending service you want to choose. 

You will need to conduct some research to discover a lender or bank that will provide you with a reasonable interest rate. Small changes in interest rates might not appear to be big, but they will significantly impact your position to repay the loan over time. 

  • Your employment history 

When applying for a loan, the lenders want to know if you will be able to pay back what you have borrowed. Usually, most people’s income comes from employment, so they need to see if they’re likely to lose their job. 

They also take a look at your recent employment record, and if your same job is more than one or two years, this is a chance for you, but if you recently started a new job, then the lenders may not see this income very well to give you a loan. 

If you earned $50,000 in the past years but got a raise up to $75,000 before applying for the loan, the lenders will probably evaluate your loan application even if you still have only $50,000. 

However, this lower amount determines if your loan is approved or not, or even if you are allowed to apply. 

  • Your credit

The lenders look at your reports and credit scores because that gives an insight into how you manage your account. 

If you score higher, it will be better for you because the lenders don’t disclose minimum credit scores but become a part and consider your score in conjunction with the factors. If you want the best success, you should aim for a score from 700s to 800s.

  • Your income

Mostly, the lenders don’t want to lend loans to people who can not give the money back. For that reason, when you’re applying for a loan, financial institutions are very concerned about how much you earn to make loan payments. 

If you want to borrow more money, the lenders will need to see a higher income to ensure that you will pay the money back. 

But, if you want to borrow a loan for $1,000 monthly payments and your entire monthly income is just $1,500, it might be difficult because the lender will know you may struggle to pay for it. 

Moreover, if your monthly income is $5,000 and you have payments of $100 per month, this is a better chance for you to be approved. 

  • Debts which you owe 

Whether you want to pay or not, it is not only the income that affects you. It has many other debts that you owe that can make an impact. The debt to income ratio is closely related to your impact, which are monthly debt obligations that look at the percentage of your monthly income. 

Furthermore, if your ratio is more than 43%, your debt payment will not take up to 43% of your income. For that reason, most mortgage lenders do not want to accept you. 

With some lenders, you may still be able to get a loan with a debt-to-income ratio if your income is higher and you have good credit. 

  • Size of down payment

Most loans require a down payment, and the size determines how much money you need to borrow. For instance, if you buy something expensive, it means that you don’t have to borrow too much from the banks.

You may also get a loan with a small down payment or without a down payment, but if you go with this route, you will have to pay more in interest on life for the loan.

  • Whether you’ve lately applied for several loans

It might not be a good idea if you submit too many credit applications in a short period because that might come as a red flag to the lenders. They can see how much credit you’ve been applied for by looking at the number of inquiries on your credit report. 

After you request credit by applying for a credit card, mortgage, or personal loan, a hard inquiry is placed on your account and requires staying there for about two years. 

If you have inquired about personal loans within a few weeks, and no loans have shown up on your credit, then the lenders will assume that you are comparing the loan terms and may give you details for the rate. 

But, if you don’t want to take a chance, you may look for personal loan lenders who don’t require hard inquiries for pre-approving you for the loans, so the choice is yours.

  • Understanding your collateral options

Any time when the lenders demand collateral for a secured loan, they seek to minimize the risks of extending credit. So, to ensure that the particular collateral provides appropriate security, the lender matches the type of the collateral with the loan already made. 

The helpful life of the collateral will have to meet or exceed the term of the loan because otherwise, the secured interests will be jeopardized. Short-term access such as inventory and receivables will not be acceptable for the security of a long-term loan, but it will be appropriate for a short-term and financing the line of credit. 

  • Loan term

Your financial circumstances might change for more than 10, and that might change your situation a lot. However, sometimes these changes might be perfect, but they may impact your ability to pay back your loan if they are bad. 

In this situation, the lenders can feel more comfortable lending you money for a shorter period because you will be able to pay back the loan soon. 

This short loan term may also save you more money for paying interest for a few years. It is better to understand the factors that lenders consider while evaluating the loan application because that will help you a lot to increase your odds of success. 

FAQs On Urgent Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. What is an emergency loan?

It is a term used to describe different methods of accessing cash for unexpected expenses. The most common type of emergency loan, and mostly one of the most affordable options, is a personal loan. 

Therefore, an emergency loan may come from cash advances, friends or family members, a high-cost payday loan, or a lower-cost payday loan from a credit union. 

Q2. What are the different types of emergency loans?

Personal loans

Personal loans are installment loans that you pay off over a set time. Some people may find personal loans unsecured, but some lenders might offer secured loans backed up by a personal asset as collateral. 

Credit card advances

With these types of loans, you may be able to get an advance from your credit card if you have available credit. If you choose them, you might have to pay back the advance at a higher interest rate than you often have. 

Payday loans

Payday loans are primarily small amounts with a high-interest rate of 400% or even higher. You may often get fast cash, but you must pay it back faster. It is better to avoid payday loans because they might be costly and may trap borrowers in a cycle of debt.

Pawn shop loans

With these types of loans, you might be able to get a loan from a pawn shop if you leave something valuable behind. Same as a title loan, these might be very expensive, and you risk losing something of value. 

Title loans

Title loans are secured loans where the lender takes the title to your car until you pay it back. However, if you cannot repay the loan, the lender may seize your vehicle, so it is better to avoid these types of loans since they tend to come with high-interest rates and may involve risking your vehicle. 

Q3. Where can I obtain an emergency loan if I have a bad credit score?

  • Credit unions
  • Online lenders
  • Friends or relatives
  • Traditional banks
  • Payday lenders
  • Credit card companies

You should remember that just because a borrowing option is available does not mean it is a good choice. For instance, credit card advances are costly and might damage your credit score by driving up your credit utilization rate. It is also better to avoid payday loans and title loans whenever possible. 

Q4. How do emergency loans with bad credit work?

They help borrowers who do not have a great credit score pay for financial emergencies. So, if you get approved for this type of loan, you may receive the money you need very quickly and take care of your expenses. They are one of the best solutions if you don’t have the cash on hand to cover a financial curveball. 

Because they are generally unsecured, you won’t need to put up any collateral to get one. But, some lenders offer secured personal loans online that require borrowers to put up assets such as home equity and saving account funds for borrowing money. 

Moreover, personal loan standards vary by lender. For that reason, you will need to evaluate each option on a case-by-case basis. 

Q5. How to check for a credit score?

If you have borrowed money from a financial institution, you have already been assigned a credit score based on your credit history. Therefore, this may take up around five months after borrowing the money to generate your credit. The score might be from 300 (the worst) to 850 (the best). 

If you did not formally borrow money before, your credit would not be visible until you borrow money from a recognized financial institution.

So, be careful if you are not making the payments on time because it may affect your credit score. Making regular account repayments will help you to increase your credit score.

Q6. How much money is required to have in an emergency fund?

An emergency loan might be avoided if you maintain or build a strong emergency fund. It is a good idea to make your emergency fund up to six months’ worth of living expenses, but that depends on your goals and needs. 

You may begin by saving a minimal emergency fund first. $1,000 might be enough to start to cover any minor emergencies that may come your way.

Q7. Will emergency loans impact my credit score?

When applying for an emergency loan, it typically has a temporary negative impact on your credit score. So, the lender may run a hard credit check that results in a hard inquiry on your credit report to understand your creditworthiness. 

Q8. How to apply for an emergency loan?

If you want to apply for an emergency loan, you should take the following steps:

  • Fill out the online form 
  • Compare a few loan offers from lenders, including repayment timelines and interest rates
  • You should determine a monthly payment amount that works based on your financial obligations
  • Choose the best loan for your needs and repayment plan 
  • Accept the personal loan funds.

Q9. What advantages can emergency loans offer?

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Only one simple repayment
  • It is more affordable than credit cards with high-interest rates
  • You will get the money in about one business day
  • No origination fees, fast cash
  • An easy option in case of financial emergencies

Q10. What interest rate to expect if my credit is not good?

In case you have a FICO score of 670 or less, you will probably be known as “Subprime” in terms of borrowing status, but if you have a FICO of 580 or less, then the credit rating might be considered as poor. 

Each lender sets forth its criteria, such as credit score minimums for loan interest rates and terms, and it makes it hard to know which APR you should expect with a personal loan if you have bad credit.

Q11. What are the alternatives if I can not get an interest-based loan?

If your credit score is not supportive of a loan for your situation, you should consider a few options. Firstly, you should consider picking up extra employment or working extra hours to earn the funds you need to cover the expense. 

You may sell some things you don’t need as another option to earn what you require. Second, it might not be bad if you borrow money from a friend or relatives to help cover the cost. 

But, this is not to be taken lightly, so make sure you treat this as you would if borrowing from a lender or bank. 

Conclusion: Borrow Money Instantly From Top 5 Loan Companies

Emergency loans with bad credit might be one of the options when you need money the most. You may safely apply for loans in the privacy of your home, work office, etc., without having to speed around to various loan offices and apply from there. 

We suggest you choose a lender that can offer fast loan application processing and a loan amount that will meet your needs. If you have a low credit score, always look for a lender that provides bad credit loans

However, the companies we chose in this article are the most trusted with the best offers, so selecting some of them might be the best decision for you.