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Top 5 Hacks to Organize Your Work from Home

After witnessing the pandemic in 2020, no one is new to the game of remote working. From an organized office environment to a lethargic attitude at home, it takes a lot of effort to adjust to the new surroundings, even if the only distraction you have is yourself. 

A Stanford study hat monitored 500 Chinese employees of a travel agency discovered that working from home increased their productivity by 20%. But, this is only possible through determination and following the right strategies.

Working from home is challenging, especially for teams that are not used to working remotely. However, with the right tools and mindset, one can make this happen. Let us share with you some useful tips and hacks to make your remote working successful.

  1. Create a Proper Workplace

It is essential to create an environment for oneself that establishes the sense that you’re leaving personal time and entering working hours. Even if you are tight on space, you can carve an area within your house or apartment and set up a workstation.

Try to find a space next to the window as sunlight lightens the mood and improves productivity. Whatever you do, try not to work from your bed or the couch as those spaces should be reserved for relaxation.

  1. Establish a Proper Work Routine

No matter how desperate you are to leave your 9 to 5 routine behind, doing so will make you lazy and unproductive. The beauty of working from home is that you can set flexible working hours. But once you decide specific hours for yourself, stick to the regime.

Working from home can disrupt your regular schedule. But if you follow a routine, you will experience increased proficiency, alleviated stress, and relaxation.Set a time to wake up, start work, and finish for the day while factoring in regular breaks.

  1. Use Task Managers to Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is nothing less than a plague. Fending it off is doable but not an easy feat. Dr. Piers Steel, a motivational psychology professor at the University of Calgary, describes it as self-harm in a New York Times article.

The subconscious will try to avoid anything overwhelming. Therefore, break down big projects into deliverables so that big tasks become manageable. Eliminate all distractions from keeping your phone away to asking family members not to disturb you.

Here are some tools to manage your tasks efficiently:

ClickUp – Used by companies like Google, Nike, and Airbnb, ClickUp is the highest-rated project management tool in the world. Incredibly easy-to-use, it allows the users to handle multiple projects at a time and is loaded with features to peak your productivity.

Taskque–A step up over a regular to-do list app; the tool is perfect for resource management. It is a powerful app when it comes to scheduling and following deadlines. It works well for teams who are working on the same function and possess similar skills.

  1. Employ Project Management Apps to Improve Productivity

Whether you are working from an office or home, workload management cannot be effective without employing project management apps. Be it Trello or Slack, using a platform that brings everything on the same table for all the employees is essential.

For large organizations, digital asset management is possible through strong software solutions. Without setting up a proper workload system, even the most organized person will get swallowed by the overflow of work and team management.

  1. Effective Communication with Team

When working remotely, communication becomes the backbone of teams. When communicating via messages, ensure to phrase your text carefully and intentionally use a friendly tone. Misunderstandings occur because of unclear emails or messages.

In virtual meetings, try to make video calls. When the team members can see each other, they connect in a better way. Allow room for questions and comments and try to incorporate every member in any conversation.

The Bottom Line

Knowing when to switch off is as important as giving your complete attention to your tasks during work time. Your day should follow a plan and should end on tidying up your workspace. 

Remote working has revolutionized the working environment. While sociologists and businesses argue about its pros and cons, there’s no denying that it is widely adopted worldwide. 

While a lot of commitment is required from your end, working from home has also been facilitated because of large DAM systems. This is one of those systems that can save time and nerves.

Be healthy, and I hope there is only a little bit left before the end of the quarantine.