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Top 5 Java Open Source Projects

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Our company offers a full range of services for java development and the implementation of this time-tested technology in many areas of business process management. We have a highly skilled workforce and cutting-edge, innovative technologies and equipment that enable us to quickly identify customer needs, select a product, and offer the customer exactly the services and application development they need at lower retail prices than other competitive businesses.

What is Java?

Java is one of the oldest constantly evolving programming languages, which is distinguished by the presence of wide functionality, and the ability to scale and transform to the needs of a particular client. Fully decentralized Java-based applications today work around the world, provide maximum business efficiency, complete user security, protection from cyber-attacks, as well as the most convenient user interface, which is especially true for those companies that work with a large number of retail customers. Java allows you to develop an innovative interactive website with a set of unique features, where every consumer, regardless of their field of activity, can quickly use the services in an automated mode.

What Java development and implementation services are available for the customer – Top 5 Java Open Source Projects

Each potential customer, which is formed to professionals for the development and integration of Java, can count on the following innovative solutions:

  1. Fintech analysis, audit, modernization of business process management in banking and other financial institutions:
  • Creation of new applications for reliable business process management and retail customer service.
  • Development of algorithms for quality control over the spending of enterprises’ funds and drawing up balances between debit and credit.
  •  Setting up intelligent robots that serve customers using the services of an organization on a prepaid basis using non-cash transactions, without the participation of an operator.
  • Creation, configuration, commissioning, and implementation of software for managing the current operational activities of a banking institution for servicing customers – individuals or legal entities.
  • Development of applications that provide secure transactions between individuals and companies, and government agencies by the conditions and internal policies of the institution.
  • Creation of mobile passes, electronic wallets, and other types of software that manage the financial assets of private users, providing storage, money, payment for goods or consumer services, and other advanced features.
  • Implementation of functionality for the analysis of payments, identification of bots, or other illegal transactions with the possibility of blocking accounts, by the requirements of current legislation.
  • Creation and implementation of separate local closed programs for the exchange of classified information between employees of a financial institution.
  • Development of separate software for the accounting department of a financial corporation, for convenient payroll for employees, taking into account bonuses and penalties.
  • Integration of innovative developments into the existing architecture for managing the main processes of the financial activity of the serviced enterprise to improve the quality of its work and conduct secure transactions.
  1. Service for booking and purchasing tickets for international or federal, regional, or city modes of transport:
  • Comprehensive development of public interactive websites for ordering air, rail, bus, and other tickets.
  • Creation and integration of separate auxiliary applications that restrict the access of unauthorized persons, which implies the possibility of creating assets with deposit accounts and accrual of bonuses for regular customers.
  • Additional programs and applications for the calculation of various commissions and cash receipts, by the internal marketing and financial policies of the institution.
  • Development of mobile applications and sites based on POC for the possibility of promptly ordering tickets and paying for them on the spot by non-cash transaction methods.
  • Development of given programs that provide communication with specialized professional printers for the possibility of printing tickets after their issuance and passenger registration on special forms of the established form.
  • Hotel security systems to identify counterfeit travel documents to eliminate fraud that leads to the imminent loss of the ticket agent’s funds.
  • In case the company offers tickets for concerts, and sports events, our organization also develops unique special forums and chats for the possibility of communication and interaction between fans.
  1. Interactive services, social networks, media, entertainment industry:
  • Development of complex applications that are necessary to cover events taking place in the country or the world.
  • Creation of various programs with the possibility of registering occupiers of users for free online communication and other types of interaction, without the need to use other means of communication.
  • Ensuring the possibility of limitless scaling of social applications, as the number of accounts or subscribers grows, adding new user information.
  • Creation of websites for writing reviews, independent forums, software for corporate communication, interactive news or other information channels, as well as local or global applications of any complexity and volume
  1. Telemedicine and other innovative healthcare and pharmaceutical services:
  • Creation and integration into the overall system and software of integrative applications for effective distance learning and control of acquired knowledge by new specialists, and clinic staff, by the program of the basic training or advanced training course.
  • Applications for customer service, without the need for a constant visit to the clinic or other medical facility.
  • Providing reliable video conferencing between various participants in the healthcare program, located in different clinics, medical institutions, or in different cities and countries, in the framework of international cooperation, and exchange of experience, without the need to organize business trips and symposiums.
  • The possibility of remote diagnosis, the development of a set of measures for the rapid conduct of the operation for the patient, his treatment, forwarding and sending tests, taking into account the current state of the sick person.
  • Designing separate applications for paying for medical services by creating personal wallets protected by multi-stage encryption for storing a deposit, transferring funds to healthcare needs, or paying for other commercial medical services.
  • Systems for interaction with insurance companies, satisfying requests in the event of an insured event, if it is necessary to perform urgent, planned operations or other types of medical intervention.
  1. Consulting, development of new applications, and their implementation in the business process management system:
  • Advising new clients on the implementation of Java-based applications to improve business process control.
  • Development of new applications, according to a pre-agreed roadmap that meets the expectations of the customer and his business plan for the development of the company.
  • Modernization of current electronic applications and information resources, transfer of basic information to cloud systems for the possibility of scaling the business without limitation, which ensures the inevitable growth of any company with access to payback and expected profit.
  • Audit of the current system and program codes installed on the information platform and the customer’s servers for a partial or complete modernization, and integration with Java applications.
  • Cleaning current applications previously created based on Java, introducing updates to improve and speed up work, ensuring security, cleaning program codes from unnecessary functionality, structuring damaged clusters, and bringing the system into working condition to improve the efficiency of business process management.

Thus, Java is one of the most important components for the information support of the normal effective operational activities of almost any progressive company. If a Java-based system is configured correctly and fully copes with the tasks set for it, according to the business plan and roadmap, provides reliable protection against implementation and information security violations, the user can always be sure that there are no failures and other problems, which always leads to the smooth operation of his enterprise and the inevitable development of business.

What exactly do the services for developing projects, which are the main Java applications at work, include?

  • Development of the main software for private or corporate use with an effective program code and a set of additional options necessary for the current activities of the enterprise.
  • A separate activity for the creation and integration of mobile applications for both Android and IOS with an extended set of functions and elements of adapting the main interface pages to small screens with the Touch Screen function.
  • Creation of network corporate software based on interactive applications using the Java language to enable the rapid exchange of information between various departments of the company.
  • Development of cloud systems for storing an unlimited amount of information and scaling applications with business development.
  • Ability to transform and migrate Java to simplify efficiency and flexibility while doing business.

Our company offers ready-made products based on Java, hybrid applications already integrated with other software, customized for a specific business area. In addition, we can also offer each potential customer the execution of an individual order with the development and implementation of unique technological solutions, in case none of the ready-made warrants suits him.