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Top 5 Key Considerations for Pharmacy Cabinet Selection

Pharmacy cabinets are specially designed storage units that are commonly used in hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities to help organize medication supplies and equipment. They provide secure and designated spaces for storing different drugs, prescriptions, medical accessories, and other related items. A quality pharmacy cabinet also plays a critical role in maintaining proper inventory, accessibility, as well as regulatory compliance. The applications of these cabinets in hospitals allow for optimized utilization of storage spaces while facilitating an efficient workflow for medical staff.

The Benefits of Adopting Pharmacy Cabinets in Hospitals

The increased popularity of medical cabinets in hospitals is not surprising, considering their many key benefits. Proper medication storage units help bring much-needed order to busy healthcare operations. They allow medical staff to quickly retrieve drugs and supplies as needed. The following are key benefits of adopting pharmacy cabinets in hospitals:

1. Organized Storage

A medical cabinet provides designated spaces for segregating different drug categories, prescriptions, and accessories based on various attributes like dosage, brand, storage temperature, etc. This prevents confusion and loss of items. Well-marked cabinets prevent accidental substitutions and cut wastage that arises from expired goods getting overlooked on cluttered shelves.

2. Enhanced Accessibility

Clearly defined storage zones inside cabinets ensure staff can quickly retrieve requested products without wasting precious time searching. This is crucial during emergencies or when working under pressure to meet targets. Features of a pharmacy cabinet, like integral handle-mounted labels, clearly display stock contents to boost accessibility. Not to mention that these cabinets are lockable and hence provide security for scheduled drugs and controlled substances.

3. Improved Efficiency

Streamlined retrieval and returns supported by pharmacy cabinets help accelerate dispensing, replenishing, and inventorying tasks. This improves pharmacy workflow productivity and service quality. Regular physical verifications and cycle counts become simpler with an organized setup. Less time is spent tracing misplaced items.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Pharmacy Cabinets

When investing in pharmacy cabinets, it is crucial to evaluate several factors to ensure the units you choose meet your current needs while allowing for future flexibility. Proper planning at the selection stage can maximize the benefits offered by these vital medication storage solutions. Key considerations include:

1. Space and Layout Planning

Start by conducting a detailed space audit of all available areas for cabinet installation. This would involve measuring widths, lengths, ceilings, and access points. Then, draft floor plans to show ideal cabinet placements along with aisle widths for easy maneuverability. Your planned arrangement also needs to accommodate future expansion needs.

2. Material and Construction

Heavy-duty yet easy-to-clean and corrosion-resistant materials like epoxy-coated steel suit hospital conditions better than wood. You should also evaluate the locking mechanisms to ensure security compliance. Prioritize hinged or sliding doors with adjustable shelves so that there’s flexibility in organizing varied drug quantities.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Make sure to choose cabinet designs, materials used, and security features that adhere to pharmacopeia requirements. Compliant lockout systems, such as electronic locks, help meet regulatory standards. Proper ventilation is another consideration, especially for items prone to heat or moisture damage if not stored under controlled conditions.

4. Customization Options

Hospitals benefit from tailored cabinets accommodating specific drug categories according to their formulary. It is recommended that you choose modular cabinet designs as these facilitate additions or reconfigurations, making this piece of furniture a worthwhile investment. Customization options and personalized fittings help optimize available spaces through specialized insertions like boxes, baskets, or dividers.

5. Manufacturer Repute

Rely only on well-established hospital furniture brands with proven industry experience and a service record for reliability. A proven track record, dedicated aftersales support team, and good warranty terms provide confidence in a brand’s reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Make sure to also look for industry certifications as they further strengthen the credibility of a supplier.

OEKAN Supplies High-quality Pharmacy Cabinets and Other Hospital Furniture

OEKAN is one of the leading medical furniture manufacturers with 13+ years of industry experience. The manufacturer has an extensive portfolio of well-designed pharmacy cabinets, medical trolleys, bed series, chair series, and other hospital essentials. Some key strengths of the brand include its large production capacity across 6 lines and highly automated manufacturing processes. This allows for competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Furthermore, OEKAN also has a dedicated team of over 200 technicians and experts to ensure fast after-sales support.

In the pharmacy cabinet category, the brand’s Medicine Laying Cabinet is an excellent choice for robust and secure medication storage. Made from premium-grade materials, it offers exceptional quality and reliability. Its key characteristics include:

  • Safety Lock and Key Access Control: The cabinet features a strong lock and key mechanism for securely restricting access only to authorized personnel. The tamper-proof lock protects scheduled medications from theft or accidental access.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: The smooth epoxy-coated surface doesn’t harbor bacteria or dust. It can be cleaned effortlessly to maintain hygienic storage.
  • Regulatory Certifications: OEKAN’s Medicine Laying Cabinet has obtained certifications like ISO, FDA, TUV, SGS, etc., for quality management, ensuring it meets global medical device standards.
  • 3-8 Year Product Warranty: The quality of construction and materials allows the brand to offer a comprehensive warranty between 3-8 years for this product.
  • 15-35 Day Quick Delivery Timeline: Even for large orders, the manufacturer can deliver the cabinets quickly within 15-35 days to ensure there are no delays in installation and utilization.


Overall, properly selecting pharmacy cabinet units is important to support optimized inventory management, regulatory adherence, and efficient workflows crucial for quality patient care delivery. Make sure to consider the key factors, e.g., available storage capacity, compliance with safety standards, customizable designs, as well as the reputation and services of medical furniture brands. The reputed hospital furniture supplier OEKAN is recommended because of its high-quality products and customized solutions. Visit OEKAN’s website to browse its comprehensive range of medical furniture products.