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Top 5 Popular Casino Games Around the World

The great thing about a casino is the opportunity to select what you like. Players can choose between an online or a land-based casino. Among the many casinos, you can pick the one that suits you by all criteria. And most importantly, people now have access to a large number of online games. But we hear about some of them much more often than others.

Games are becoming well-liked for several reasons. They are fun and easy to play, or they appeared earlier than others, or you can win a lot of money in them. Sometimes they become accepted because they have been used in movies or commercials. And sometimes they are liked because of their regional features. Let’s dig in.

Popular game types in different countries

Each nation has its cultural characteristics, its temperament, and preferences. And casino games are no exception. From the Canadian and the American, you will hear different opinions about the best games.

Australia, Slots

In the homeland of the kangaroo, slots are better known as pokies. The first slot machines came to Australia in the 1950s. They were simple, and mechanical, but performed their function perfectly. Players at that time could only choose between two interfaces — poker cards and fruit. 

In the 80 the era of video slot machines began. This brought a variety of designs and a better experience. Animations and sounds were the reason to play more, which was a big plus for the manufacturers of these machines. And the progress did not stop there. 

Slots have also become well-liked due to their form factor. These lockers with games could be placed not only in casinos but also in bars, pubs, bars. And in all these places they were appropriate. Not surprisingly, Australia receives billions in taxes from this type of gambling alone. Now, slots are the easiest and most affordable games to play. Especially as anyone can easily play slots like fish games online with just a few clicks.

Canada, Blackjack

According to one version, blackjack came to Canada with the French colonizers. In its native country, this game was called Vingt-en-un. Initially, “21” did not gain popularity among Canadians, as poker and craps were go-to games. Now the situation has changed dramatically. And if the Internet existed 300 years ago, then people would be looking for a low deposit casino Canada as now.

“21” acquired its modern form in 1930 when the legalization of gambling began in North America. And now this is one of the first games that every casino offers you. Simple rules and the opportunity to win big have paid off.

Italy, Bingo

Bingo had to go halfway around the world to become what it is today. Its history begins in Italy in the 1500s. Back then, Bingo was still Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia with similar rules. Neighboring France turned it into Le Lotto. Germany generally used it to teach children mathematics.

When the game moved to New York, it has the name Beano. The name is associated with dried beans that were used to cover the numbers on the gaming card. And with the help of toymaker Edwin Lowe, the game became known as Bingo.

Now, this game is super admired in Italy, and it has every right to be called a casino game. Special bingo halls are created for Bingo so that a large number of players can play at the same time. Some casinos can also offer Bingo, but a special game needs a special place to play.

France, Roulette 

It is difficult to imagine a modern casino without a wheel table. I am just as sure that there is no French casino without this title. And this tradition dates back to 1790 when the game became similar to its modern version.

“Little wheel”  also traveled the world, and it had its versions. In total, there are now three — Single-zero wheel, Double-zero wheel, and Triple-zero wheel. The first is considered traditional and the most widespread.

Macau/China, Baccarat

There are hints that baccarat comes from China. This is indicated by the similarities with the Pai Gow. There are also versions of the Italian or French origin of this baccarat. Or maybe they are all true, and each of these countries has contributed to the development of baccarat. However, it is now the most liked game in Macau and China. Casinos receive more than 80% of their revenue from it. 

Fun fact, in James Bond movies, the secret agent often played baccarat rather than poker.

Casino games guide

Every gamble has its own story and its fans. These countries had their reasons to be interested in one or another, but each player picks the game for themself. To help a little, we gave a brief description of some games :

  • Slot machine — many online options and high tempo.
  • “21” — easy to learn and addictive.
  • Bingo — if you want a casino game but don’t want to go to the casino.
  • Roulette — old and classy French table game.
  • Baccarat — a high rollers’ first choice.


Casino games have a long history. Some of them even travel the world to find a country that will love them wholeheartedly. In this article, we covered only some of the well-known games, but in addition to them, there are much more worth noting. These can be online or offline versions.

I like to spend an hour or two playing video poker. This is a popular game because of the simple rules, and for slot admirers, it will be very familiar. Their look and mechanics are similar. I think in some countries there is a special place for this type of poker, maybe even the first.