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Top 5 Technologies That Will Change Our Lives

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Every year technology is getting better and better. Today, we can access innovations previously described only in science fiction TV shows or anime. About what other discoveries will change and improve the world — in the article.

Artificial Intelligence at the New Level

First, we would like to start with artificial intelligence technology since, over the past few months, AI projects have grown several times. The new generation of neural networks and automation greatly simplifies the activities of people in certain fields. But at the same time, sometimes it cannot resize photos correctly or choose the right shades. Yet the human is still under control and must give clear instructions and train the AI to be useful.

But at the same time, this technology, like one of the following, is a frequent topic of discussion among skeptics and those who have watched many films from the Terminator series. So far, this technology alone cannot harm a person. Of course, she can be trained to deal with mental or, in theory, physical damage. Luckily, the algorithms humans still write are hard to break and rewire to make ChatGPT a killing machine.


As mentioned above, new-generation robotization results from a compilation of robots and high-level AI. The level of robots that are already replacing humans in factories is generally not bad, but in theory, the plans of many corporations include a transition to fully automated production.

On the one hand, this could cause another industrial revolution. On the other hand, robots may not replace humans but only contribute to more efficient work. Because in the capitalistic world, money is above all.

Human participation in the future will only be reduced to decision-making based on the collection and analysis of production data processed by artificial intelligence in real-time.

Robotization will change our lives, and it remains only to observe in which direction: towards automation for the sake of profit or the development of AI to change people’s standard of living worldwide.

Metaverse as a New Universe

To the surprise of many, the popularity of blockchain technology was the reason for the development of new financial systems and the emergence of secure meta-worlds. Modern metaverses allow you to travel to different parts of the planet, using devices to feel the wind, moisture, or heat.

In the near future, analysts predict that new equipment will appear for accessing virtual reality, and in general, it will improve by itself. This will be facilitated by the development of the 2 main companies, Google and Sony. Meta is actively promoting the idea of new universes, but knowing about security problems, the community does not have much faith in this company.

Some say that the new materverses are something like the world that the Wachowski sisters showed. Some see this as just a new area of ​​entertainment. But in our opinion, there is not much time left to release large metaverses; therefore, we will learn everything firsthand.


Ecology is one of the heavy topics for discussion, especially the damage that humanity has caused to the entire ecosystem. Bioplastic technology makes it possible to produce this material from organic resources or plants: corn, sugar cane, fats, oils, etc.

The quality of such plastic is not very different, but its advantage is that it will cover the number of requests for this material. As a result, even if bioplastic gets into the world’s oceans, it will disappear over time due to the peculiarities of organics.

Free Worldwide Internet

At the moment, only about half of the world’s population has access to the Internet. The World Wide Web is one of the main technologies of the modern world, but not everyone can use it. We are talking about the countries of the 3rd world, which, due to the lack of necessary resources and opportunities, do not get access to the Internet.

The essence of the free global Internet is not so much technological but rather social. On the one hand, Internet access, free of charge, is fantastic and necessary, especially in the modern world. But on the other hand, it’s not completely free; someone has to pay for development, maintenance, and updates, and no one wants to do it.

Also, to ensure full access to the Internet, you may need various additional tools, such as eSIM, smartphones, etc. Moreover, the worldwide Internet means everyone is connected, and their actions can be tracked. But if society finds a consensus, the Internet will literally cover the entire planet.


The world every year goes to a new technological level. Now everyone is talking about AI and the development of robotics. A few years ago, blockchains were the trend. What will happen tomorrow is difficult to say because the main engines of progress in the form of companies are not yet so active in declaring their plans. It remains only to closely monitor the future market and discard various paranoid thoughts about the uprising of robots.