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Top 5 Tips One Should Know For Efficient Web Scraping

Top 5 Tips For Web Scraping

What is web scraping? In brief, it’s getting information with fetching and extracting. It’s about collecting the information to be used for different and specific purposes. The convenience of scraping is that all the targeted data is acquired and formatted into something useful, spreadsheet, Excel, or API.

Even though web scraping can be done manually, it’s more preferred to use a web scraping service to make all the required stuff on your behalf. But why is there a need for extracting massive information from the sites? There can be many practical applications of such information, as follows:

Monitoring prices: to be aware of the competitors’ price policy

Data Alternative: getting beneficial insights that would help with a new strategy for business plan

Real Estate: helping sort out the real estate offers or discover developing markets

Spotting the location: it’s about finding out factors playing a crucial role in particular geolocations critical for business promotion, valuation, and promotion.

Generating Leads: finding potential clients is a must for business, and web scraping service helps with that as well.

It’s clear that web scraping has various uses that help with business solutions, come up with fresh ideas, and understand customer behavior. So, to get the maximum benefit from this, you need to comply with the following tips.

1. Simulate human behavior

According to mydataprovider, If to employ web scraping properly, the results may be pleasant and profitable. Thus, it’s important to collect the latest and accurate information from the sites. The main priority of data extraction is to do the job faster and more efficiently than doing it manually.

Yet, it can be useful to browse and do the job a bit slowly. Since it’s important how quickly someone browses the site, and thus, it’s important to simulate human behavior. That is, one should have delays done at random. Also, it would be a good idea to add some randomized clicks.

2. Avoid being blocked again

Once you simulate human behavior as described above, you may avoid being blocked. This is not an ultimate solution that helps not to be detected and blocked by the site. Whenever one enters the site, it starts to monitor their actions, including various details like browser type, version, device, and so on.

When such actions are not detected, the site will spot or refer to all this as bot actions. Writing some various user agents, those actions on the site is a great trick so as not to be detected and blocked. Another good idea is not to have older versions of the browsers, as they can seem suspicious and be vulnerable to be blocked.

3. Build a Web Crawler

Another great tool to be employed as an efficient for web scraping is a web crawler. But what is that? Also known as spiderbot, it’s a web bot that will browse the sites and is often used for indexing. This tool can be a smart step in web scraping.

It will provide the API with URL addresses from which data is to be taken. It may continuously update the list of these addresses as the process continues. There are some features you can employ while using a web crawler.

4. Set a Referrer

One of the best tricks to look more authentic is to set a referrer. It means that you have a referrer header that supposedly shows from which site or platform you come from. By doing so, it would seem that there is real human-like browsing.

There are several options you can use as a referrer. The most common is to use Google. Besides, when indicating Google, one may add a country domain showing where the site is being accessed.

5. Avoid Honeypot Traps

Honeypot Traps are the HTML links that users won’t detect but can still be accessible with a web scraper. This trap is enabled by the CSS selector, which controls human-related activities and thus may block scrapers easily.

Before scraping any site, it’s essential to be sure whether the site has such traps. To avoid these traps, one may apply a feature of web scrapers known as Selenium. It can render the page intended for scraping and check the page.


The idea of scraping the sites to get the required information can be problematic as some sites will try to avoid, detect, and block such attempts. So, not to be the victim of these sites, one needs to follow the great tips described above.