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Top 5 Unique Engagement Rings for 2022

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If you are shopping for a trendy engagement ring in 2022, you will find a shift from the popular styles or hits like the elongated natural diamond in the solitaire setting. 

People want an option to the timeless, classic styles. People are asking for lab-created diamonds or gemstones bigger in size, weighing in a range of 2 to 3 carats. GS Diamonds Sydney has a stunning collection of diamond engagement rings that come in different shapes.

Think outside the Box While Buying a Proposal Ring

A proposal with a diamond ring is always the first thought because it is elegant and adds style when placed on the finger of your fiancé-to-be. However, there are multiple options. You can get creative and think outside the box. Below are some inspirational ideas:

  • For uniqueness – Diamonds from hair are unique. Carbon is extracted from your partner or your hair to make a diamond. You can choose an elegant shape and size for the diamond made from hair. 
  • For affordability – Choose a synthetic or lab-grown diamond ring to propose. It is similar to a mined diamond. The size, shape, color, and clarity are similar to natural diamonds. The chemical and physical properties of natural and synthetic diamonds are the same and accompany diamond certification. 
  • For personalization – To add romance, you can have the band engraved. To personalize, the diamond has it engraved. Personalized diamond engravings can include important dates, intimate personal jokes, or just ‘I Love You’. 
  • For a change – The groom can opt for the non-traditional round-cut wedding band. Some bride-to-be opts for a channel set or a plain band to match their solitaire engagement ring. For some engagement ring is also their wedding ring as they don’t purchase a separate one. It means after marriage, they wear just an engagement ring without the band. 
  • For grandeur – If you can afford to choose a rare colored diamond for the ring. Yellows and browns are common fancy colors, but purple, green, orange, and red are the rarest. Red diamond causes the light to penetrate more distinctively than colorless diamonds because of their exclusive formation process. In the entire world, just 20 to 30 pieces of natural red colored diamonds exist. Therefore, the groom-to-be can start looking for red diamonds as early as possible for their fiancée. They can even opt for lab-grown red colored diamonds and have a ring customized for her. Black is a fancy color in diamonds that define elegance. 

For more inspiration, check out some customized lab-grown diamond rings made from hair carbon for a one-of-a-kind wedding proposal.

Top 5 Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Harry Winston Cluster Large Diamond Ring

Cuts: 3 pear-shaped & 2 marquise diamonds

Carats: Approximately 3.92 carats

Metal: Platinum

The cluster ring looks extremely pretty. It is prettier than solitaire diamonds because of its light performance. Every diamond catches the light when the ring moves and thus creates a twinkling effect. The large surface not just twinkles or sparkles but scintillates brilliance and fire. Harry Winston is a brand, so there are no concerns about the cuts, clarity, and colors of each diamond in the cluster.

  • Sunny Eden™ Glamour

Cuts: available in 10 cuts 

Colors: Sunny Yellow, Sky Blue, Colorless, Eden Green, Rose Pink,

Metals: White, Yellow, and Rose gold

The heart-shaped diamond ring signifies eternal love. The heart looks fiery with brightness and girlish charm. The small diamond halo surrounding the big heart-shaped diamond and paved band intensifies the sparkle. 

To cut this diamond into the heart shape, it takes trained experts to create the ideal shape. Sunny Eden™ offers the perfect heart in different colors, which your loved one will appreciate. 

  • Blanca Monrós Gómez Vena Amoris Ring

Cuts: Brilliant 

Carats: Approx. 0.65 carats

Metal: Rose and Yellow gold

A double band with embedded brilliantly cut diamonds. It can be paired with a band in the center or worn alone. The ring looks slender but large, and the sparkle from the 5 big and 6 smaller-sized diamonds is scintillating. 

The look is exclusively loaded with texture and dimension. In addition, the setting style of the diamond offers stability and beauty. Both sides of the points are defined, and the stones don’t reveal internal flaws. 

  • VRAI The Toi et Moi Round Brilliant and Pear Engagement Ring

Cuts: 4 cuts available

Carat: 1.5ct + 1.5ct

Metals: 14k Rose, Yellow and White gold

The ring includes pear and round-shaped brilliant diamonds. Toi et Moi means ‘You & Me’. The combination of two-stone features is ideal for your fiancée. It conveys a message like together forever or love you, or happiness. The round and pear-shaped diamonds are ideally mirrored. 

It will surely stand out from the crowd as a timeless token of your love. Not falling in love with the brilliant round and tear-shaped diamonds sitting next to one another surrounded by the paved band is impossible!

  • Zales Certified Lab-Created Diamond Bypass Ring in 14k White Gold

Cuts: Brilliant 

Carats: 1 carat

Metals: 14k White gold

It is a fashion ring featuring certified lab-grown diamonds boasting an F color ranking and SI2 clarity. A brilliant halo surrounds each center stone, and extra diamonds shimmer across the shank. 

The diamonds are bright and radiant suitable to gift your partner for any occasion like an anniversary, birthday, or even when you get married. The contemporary twist to the solitaire setting with a bypass shank ends the wrap-around center stone. 

Lab-grown Diamonds Engagement Ring FAQs 

  • What to look for when buying an engagement ring?

When you look for an ideal diamond engagement ring for your other-half, then get familiar with the 4 C’s, shapes & cut styles, the band metal, how diamonds perform under different lighting, grading certificate, ring size, weight and your choice of a reliable jeweler. 

  • Can I design my own unique engagement ring?

You can create a one-of-a-kind ring for engagement with the help of a reputable online jeweler. You can choose a unique one from a wide collection but designing it displays your love and passion for her or him. Encapsulate your love as well as your partner’s unique style in the ring. 

  • How to buy a customized engagement ring online?

Do your research and choose a reputable source to buy a unique engagement ring online. Check for the license and physical address of the jeweler on their website. The website address must start with HTTPS for better security. 

Read the terms and conditions sent with the quote for the made-to-order special engagement ring. Never buy an engagement ring on the internet with cash or bank transfer. Instead, use a credit card because it helps during a problem down the road. Before you place an order, ask for the final price because it depends on used materials, final design tweaks, and delivery charges. 

Bottom Line

The biggest mistake customers make when they shop for an engagement ring diamond ring – is emphasizing a lot on clarity and color. Of course, everyone aims for flawless and colorless diamonds, but they need to think outside the box. Diamonds made from loved ones’ hair are also a unique way of choosing man-made diamonds for proposing. 

Buyers want to express their love significantly, so they can choose large, sculptural diamond rings. Oval and pear-shaped diamonds look wonderfully elegant in a pave laid band. Some adventurous people gravitate towards unusual arrangements and stone colors. In metals, rose gold’s popularity escalates even if white and yellow dominate. There is a move towards detailed and unusual designs rather than traditional solitaire styles.