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Top 7 Places to Perform Halloween Celebrations in 2017

It’s that time of the year once again! Those who have celebrated Halloween over the years take this festival as more than just another holiday on the calendar. The festival is associated with the famous ‘trick or treat’ challenge, lots of food and who can’t guess this? The fancy costume parties! But there are cities and towns around the world that go above and beyond these basic Halloween traditions to make the most happening festival of the year, a bit more happening. Festivities can be anything from a surprise haunted house party to a week-long dress code dedicated to Halloween. You could even gift yourself and your friends with a membership card at the Haunted Attraction Association (HAA), Yes, this organization actually exists.And if this news wasn’t enough to satisfy your ghosts, we take a step further and list down some of the most unusual Halloween celebrations for you to choose from. Sit tight and take a look!

1. Dracula tour in Transylvania, Romania
You can’t call yourself an obedient Halloween follower if you haven’t yet watched ‘Hotel Transylvania’. The movie does complete justice to the Halloween theme by setting up an epic tale of romance between a human and a Dracula organized in a Halloween-style gathering. In reality, the place got its name from a region in Romania called Transylvania where the castle of Bran is located. This castle is linked with the famous legend of Vlad ‘The Impaler’, also known as the Dracula. You can book yourself a ticket to this famous Romanian event at their official website and guarantee yourself with a flurry of nighttime events which include sightseeing and mythical story nights at the castle.

2. Halloween Parade in New York, USA
More than 50,000 people gather around New York city to kick off a 3-hour long parade to the West Village. You can be a part of the huge festivity, provided you are dressed in the most ‘Halloween-ey’ attire (do give us some credit for inventing that word). The parade comprises of giant puppets, artists, dancers and bands from all around the world. Not to forget the party-loving New Yorkers who dress themselves in fancy Halloween costumes. And if you’re heading to NYC from abroad, then we’ve got your accommodation sorted.

3. Halloween Carnival in Derry City, Ireland
What better place to enjoy Halloween than its very own homeland. The city dedicates 9 full days to celebrate this festival which includes parades, fire dancing, fireworks, and a list of other events for families. The festival is popularly known as the Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnivalwhere both, locals and foreigners gather to take part in events, workshops and the famous Dragon Safari. And before you enter the festival grounds, make sure you carry enough Halloween supplies like costumes and party accessories at heavy discounts from VoucherBin.

4. La Castanyada in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona might be an influential name as a place housing one of the most expensive football club in the world, and perhaps that helped the city to become a haven for party animals. Barcelona is famous for its night life and that has influenced it to host some of the most attractive Halloween events like the La Castanyada, also known as the All Saint’s Day festival. You can drown yourself in delicacies such as traditional cakes called marzipan and chestnuts. The streets of Barcelona dance to the tunes of Halloween music and theme as the sun sets on the eve of this festival.

5. Comic Con in London, the UK

For our readers residing within the UK, you do not have to travel too far as the iconic places in London are lit up in a carnival theme during the Halloween season. And among the list of attractive events is the widely popular Comic Con festival in the capital city. The event is dedicated for Halloween enthusiasts and cosplayers who dress-up in costumes that are worn by popular super heroes in movies and comics. Apart from Comic Con, the streets of London are also famous for its spooky spirits through late night parades and the famous London Dungeons.

6. Yue Lan festival in Hong Kong

Known as the Halloween capital of Asia, Hong Kong has set its standards right on the top with an event called the Yue Lan which stands for ‘Festival of the Ghosts’. More than the celebration, Yue Lan encourages its followers to exchange gifts with the spirits of the dead! We are not sure how that happens which makes a visit to Hong Kong during Halloween quite a certain one.

7. Festivities in Salem, Massachusetts, USA
Salem is a town in Massachusetts which is highly famous for witch hunting and communicating with the spirits. It has its own event known as Salem’s festival of the dead where the popular Salem’s Witches Ball function takes place. Other annual events include the Witchcraft Expo, the Vampire’s Masquerade Ball and the Psychic Fair. You wouldn’t be wrong to call Salem as the hub of Halloween parties and parades as the town announces a month long season of festivity every year in October!