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Top 8 Social Gaming Platforms to GB

Most of us have already tried out the social gaming experience without even realizing it. If you’ve ever played a multiplayer game with your friends or you’ve played free casino games on the web, you are already a partial connoisseur. You should also know that Social Networking Games are games that you can play online on various social platforms. They are suitable for players ages 10 to 50, male or female, from all walks of life. They usually incorporate many of the regular elements found in video games and their amazing appeal to the general public has determined numerous platforms to work at constantly developing fresh titles.

Today we are going to reveal to you ten of the most popular social gaming platforms you could check out if you are on the lookout for something new.

#1: KamaGames – The Biggest Social Mobile Poker Operator In Europe

Without a doubt, KamaGames is the largest social mobile poker operator in Europe as well as one of the fastest evolving operators on the planet. Its flagship game Pokerist Texas Poker is still one of the leading gambling titles iOS and Android users prefer. The platform does not only focus on gamblers’ passions. It is also involved in the design of many more fun games that cater to the needs of players of all ages, incorporating a successful mix of PHP, Flash, HTML5 or JavaScript programming, to name just a few.

#2: RevHolics, A Haven For Casino Lovers

One of the most popular social gaming platforms out there at the moment, RevHolics allows gamblers who are constantly looking for new thrills to experience genuine in city gaming sessions without actually having to travel all the way to Vegas. You can check out their interesting blog posts and special reviews and take advantage of their free chips and spins.

#3: PlayFire Connects You With Your Facebook Friends

This is a special social gaming platform that allows you to play your favorite games with your Facebook friends on the web. You can use your FB account to connect to it and get notifications about the latest discussion topics, stories and videos.

#4: Lets You Manage Your Life Online

If you are interested in a platform that not only lets you upload your favorite photos and show your support for your favorite sports team but also update your gaming status and play fun games, this is it.

#5: Pwned Lets You Connect With Gamers With Similar Interests

This platform allows you to get in touch with other games that enjoy the same games as you do. It also lets you create a virtual profile and earn points you can redeem for cash or gaming consoles, to name just a few of the rewards you could be aiming for.

#6: Zynga Gaming, Over 50,00 Players And Counting

Zynga Gaming is probably most famous for their Texas Hold’em title that managed to gather more than half a million players on a daily basis on the day of its launch on Facebook. Zynga is a platform that focuses on bringing the world together with the help of fun games everyone loves playing. Their love for high-tech also keeps them active creating fresh titles periodically.

#7: Gaia Online, From Garage Business To Hit

Founded 16 years ago in a small garage by a group of friends who also happened to be big fans of comic books, Gaia became a true phenomenon in the world of social gaming. It reunites millions of teens all over the world and allows them to express their true selves with the help of virtual avatars that are fully customized. They can do anything on the platform, from writing poetry and putting it on display for the rest of the members of the community to see, compare their virtual outfits and engage in entertaining games 24/7.

#8: Social Gaming Network, Over 200 Million Installed Games

The platform carries Shervin Pishevar’s name as a founding father and the Warbook title is one of their greatest hits that helped them enjoy their popularity today. Counting more than 200 million games installed on various social media sites and expanding on platforms and operating systems like Android, Facebook, Amazon or iOS, they are definitely the next-gen social media platform you should keep an eye on.

We hope this article will help you enjoy your social gaming even more!