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Top 8 Twitch Streamers (November-December 2022) 

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Twitch platform gets tons of streamers daily, and several have been able to command a considerable following due to their great content. When it comes to top-ranking twitch streamers, a majority of them are video game streamers, making gaming one of the most watched categories on the platform. The top 8 twitch streamers at the moment are as  listed below:


Currently boasting over 18 million followers, Ninja is one of the fastest-growing streamers on Twitch, where he mainly streams Fortnite alongside other games like Call of Duty: Warzone. After a brief September hiatus, the 31-year-old streamer, with an estimated net worth of $40 million, announced a week later that he would be streaming across all his social media platforms (TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) simultaneously.


Ranking second on Twitch is Auronplay, a Spanish who has so far garnered 14 million followers since joining the platform in 2019. Auronplay started his Twitch adventures with a masked face but decided to reveal his identity along the way. Auronplay, whose real name is Raul Alvarez Genes, enjoys massive viewership on Twitch for streaming Minecraft and GTA V. He has also streamed other games but with less stream time, like FIFA, Rust, and Fortnite.


Despite being temporarily banned on Twitch in early November for streaming the Sonic Frontiers game before its premiere, Rubius is a name to reckon with on the platform, where he enjoys an impressive 13 million following. However, Twitch restored his after the Spanish-speaking streamer took to Twitter to prove that he had the go-ahead to stream the game. The 32-year-old gaming enthusiast’s most recent streamed categories are Just Chatting, Minicraft, Minecraft, and Clash Royale, games you can find in an online casino


Another Spanish Twitch streamer boasts 11.9 million followers. Ibai also holds the record of a twitch streamer with the most concurrent viewers totaling 3.3 million in June for a single broadcast. His popular streams include League of Legends, Among Us, Just Chatting, and Special Events. Ibai’s streaming prominence has seen him collaborate with top soccer stars like Lionel Messi and the recently retired Gerald Pique.


This Canadian national has his fair share of controversies, but that doesn’t prevent him from being one of the most popular Twitch streamers with an 11.3 million fan base. xQc dropped from College to focus on streaming, which has paid off. His most viewed streams include Among Us, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Raft, and Apex Legends.


The US-born streamer has 11.2 million Twitch followers. Tfue has prominently won Fortnite tournaments, one of the games that attract him several viewers on the platform. He also streams Apex Legends, H1Z1, Destiny 2, Call of Duty: Warzone, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Like xQc, a few controversies have earned Tfue temporary bans on Twitch, but he continues proving his relevance on the platform.


Shroud has made a name for himself on Twitch by garnering 10.4 million followers, making him one of the most viewed English streamers. The Canadian’s most recent streams were Battlefield 2042, Day Z, Just Chatting, and Overwatch 2. Shroud attracts significant viewership for Fortnite, Escape from Tarkov, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty.


With 10.3 million followers on Twitch, TheGrefg is another famous Spanish streamer who proved he is a force to reckon with when he hit a new 2.4 million concurrent viewership in 2021 during a reveal of the Fortnite Icon series skin. Besides being a popular Fornite streamer, TheGrefg also entertains viewers in Just Chatting, Minecraft, and Valorant. 


The above streamers are the top streamers as 2022 ends. They will likely soar to higher levels than their current numbers in 2023. Twitch continues to grow as a platform, and the numbers will change as more people join to watch streams.