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Top 9 Ways To Treat Your Woman 

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Want to treat a woman well? Here are some tips that will help you do just that. 

  1. Understand She Is Human, Just Like You 

As cliché as it may sound, some men seem to forget women are human beings with flaws like every other. It is these imperfections that make her who she is. Understand this, and your life will be much easier with her. 

  1. Never Treat Her Like An Object 

Women aren’t objects or toys to play with. Don’t see your woman as a sex object either, but rather someone you can be friends with and even share your best/worst experiences with. In today’s culture, many men only show interest in a woman just to get her to bed, after which they dump her like nothing happened. Using your woman for sex will only create a rift between you and could even lead to many more problems in the future. According to Escorts2, obsessing with the woman’s body can also cause you to have unprotected sex, opening pandora’s box of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. You, therefore, don’t want and shouldn’t treat your woman, or any other, as an object. See her for who she is, and learn to make/have a connection with her. You will be surprised how loving and caring women can be, especially when treated right. 

  1. Be Polite 

Almost all women find polite men attractive, naturally.  Learn to be polite to your woman and everyone around you, either using polite words or showing gratitude for her good deeds. Make a habit of whispering ‘thank you’ and other kind words when she goes out of her way, just to make you happy. You also need to be a good listener and lend her your ear whenever having a conversation or if she wants to say something to you. Interrupting her while she speaks only shows you don’t wish to listen and is also a sign of rudeness.  

  1. Avoid Dirty Humor Or Jokes In The Presence of Women

While dirty humor and jokes might be acceptable around your fellow men, it isn’t quite the same with your woman. You thus want to avoid all dirty jokes whenever around women, and especially your woman. Most women find this a major turnoff and will be offended when you do. Assume she is sensitive or allergic to dirty jokes and always use appropriate language with her. 

  1. Make Her Laugh

While dirty jokes should be avoided at all costs, you still need to know how to make your woman laugh.  Telling her a funny joke or a story to see her smile is the way to go. Showing a sense of humor and ensuring she has a smile on her face will make her miss you whenever you aren’t around. 

  1. Acknowledge Her Presence And Company

Learn to put on a smile whenever in the company of your woman (spouse or girlfriend). Do not, however, force a smile, but let it come naturally. This is particularly crucial when having a conversation, going for a walk, or even in the mall shopping.  Smiling whenever you are with her shows you enjoy her company.  If she tells you to take her somewhere, create time to do so. Taking your woman shopping and helping her pick whatever clothes or swimwear she wants will make her feel appreciated and loved. 

  1. Help Her Put On Her Jacket Or Keep Warm

This isn’t just for the movies.  Helping your woman put on her coat is a real thing. Offering to cover her with your coat/jacket, especially if the weather suddenly changes, is a plus too. Such little actions show that you indeed care, leaving her happier than she was. 

  1. Check Up On Her (If She Seems Uncomfortable)

Do you feel your girlfriend/wife or the woman next to you is uncomfortable? Go the extra mile to see if you can help her in any way. Ask her if everything is OK and if she might need anything. Sometimes all she wants is the assurance you are there or ready to offer a helping hand. See if you are in a position to help if anything is the matter. 

  1. Don’t Ask Her Out Moments After You’ve Met

It takes time for a relationship to grow into something tangible.  Learn to let everything flow and happen in its time without forcing it. Rushing to ask a woman you just met out could frighten her off, while it would have worked had you taken time to know each other. Create time to know her and let everything unfold in due time. Don’t let it seem like you are pushing her into a relationship, but rather let the feeling be a mutual one. Use this time to create a bond and allow her to get to know you better as well.  Most women need their space and time to make up their minds – learn to give them just that.