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Top AI Art Apps to Create Digital Art

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The field of artificial intelligence (ai) is developing at a rapid pace!

With the advent of AI based Digital Art apps, even someone without natural artistic skill can produce a variety of artwork with similar of expertise as a traditional artist (at first glance). 

These AI art technologies can assist in automating repetitive activities, including resizing or cropping photographs, thereby saving a considerable amount of a designer’s time.

Though, to produce authentic, original, and fascinating designs, you can take help from a variety of AI tools. From DeepDream to Dall-E, you can use multiple tools and their enriched features to create digital artwork. 

If you still have a question about how AI art apps are going to help you in designing, then the next section will solve your query.

How AI Art apps can help you in your design work?

Designers can benefit from AI art apps in a number of different ways which includes: 

  • Create fresh design concepts
  • Assist with choosing colors
  • Examine a picture, then offer ways to make it better.
  • Make changes to the composition or color scheme.
  • Automate repetitive operations like image cropping and resizing

These benefits of AI artwork apps are more than enough to convince you that it’s time to utilize the advancement in AI. Though, in the future you may witness more advancements in the AI artwork field. 

Some of the top AI art apps

From poster design to environment design to generating realistic images, AI artwork apps are giving a new bounce to the art industry. You can rely on these apps for any kind of artwork and can create supreme designs. 


The computer vision based image analysis tool created by Google is known to produce distinctive and eye-catching patterns and pictures. 

This app has redefined the way we think of AI artistry. The tool is home to a swath of features like deep dream generator, text 2 dream tool and much more! 

Deep dream generator has a deep style tool which has literally explained fusing in the best possible way. 

One brilliant example is a blend of a young girl’s face in the style of the famous Japanese painting – The Great Wave of Kanagawa


With the help of the Pikazo app, you can paint neural network masterpieces. With a deep dream-esque neural network, users can run their photos. 

Upload your image, apply the preferred style and wait for the neural network to sprinkle its artistic magic. The images can be processed within thirty seconds. 


Another image processing tool based on neural network technology famously known as Ostagram helps you generate pictures without actually learning the art skills. You just need to upload your photo to get the preferred style. 


Artisto combines neural networks with AI technology to turn films into artistic creations. This is one of the best options to enhance your film’s character design and details. 

When first released, the app had only fourteen filters. Now it includes more than 20+ art filters including; warm chocolate, blue dream.

The blue dream filter was inspired by Picasso’s painting; In the fire. 


Prisma is a pioneer in global visual artificial intelligence!

The app employs neural networks to create artistic renditions of photographs. It provides a variety of styles, such as those inspired by well-known artists like Monet and Van Gogh. 

To produce a distinctive and intriguing rendition of an image, users can take a photo or choose an existing one from their photostream/gallery and apply a filter.

After its first release, more than 50 million pictures were processed by Prisma. Even the first image of Maynooth university was captured through Prisma. 

Jasper Art

A robust AI-powered art generator called Jasper Art enables users to create art from photographs, videos, and certain other user-provided content; it employs a range of advanced algorithms. 

Jasper Art has a vast collection of templates that it may use to generate a wide range of artworks, from realistic pictures to abstract paintings. 

With Jasper art, you can easily create images of blog posts, marketing, NFTs, book illustrations, emails and much more!

Starry AI

In order to create art from user-provided photographs, videos, and other data, Starry AI uses deep learning algorithms. It has a library of presets that may be used to create stunning artworks quickly and easily. 

Starry AI has the ability to learn from user-supplied artworks and utilize machine learning to create artworks that are comparable to those that the user has contributed. 

Also, Starry AI provides a variety of customization possibilities, enabling users to modify the produced artwork to their precise requirements.


OpenAI created the deep learning models DALL-E to create digital images from text descriptions. The model was trained using hundreds of millions of photos downloaded from the Internet and is centered on a transformer architecture. From textual descriptions like “a red and white striped clothing” or “a guy riding his bicycle on a bridge,” it is possible to produce lifelike visuals. DALL-E is also capable of producing intricate works of art, including surrealist paintings or abstract shapes.

Example – Dall-E was first revealed by Open AI in this blog post from 2021. It used version of GPT-3 to create images.


AI artwork apps are a valuable resource for designers who want to come up with fresh ideas, organize their work, and automate tedious activities. 

The potential for producing art using these applications is limitless given the ongoing developments in AI technology.

AI generated art is rapidly increasing in quality and ease of use, while being exponentially more accessible. It is “shattering the glass ceiling” for digital art, so to speak.

While there are various factors preventing AI from completely taking over, a skilled artist is able to utilize the AI powered tools to enhance their work while still keep the human element in the art “alive”. 

Make best use of these resources by taking part in digital art courses to enhance your skills!