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Top Blockchain Certifications for Blockchain Professionals in 2022

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Certifications are proof of your skills in a specific technology. In the age of competition for the best job roles in the field of tech, certifications serve as a crucial differentiator. With the right blockchain certification, you can explore multiple options for career development alongside strengthening your identity as a blockchain expert. On the other hand, you cannot rely on a specific set of certifications in the domain of blockchain, as you have to learn many other new and innovative concepts. 

For example, NFTs and DeFi were never in the picture for aspiring blockchain professionals two years ago. Now, the emerging roles in DeFi and NFT space call for the best blockchain certifications which deal with the intricacies of NFTs, DeFi, and other new concepts. The following post helps you find out the details of popular blockchain certifications for your career development goals.

Why Do You Need Certifications?

The answer would be obvious: point out the recognition with blockchain certification courses and how they contribute to your career development. However, many beginners experience difficulties in choosing certifications due to their doubts. Some beginners believe that certifications are a waste of time and would deliver no credible advantage to their careers. On the contrary, certifications can help candidates transition their career paths into blockchain from conventional roles. At the same time, certifications also help in claiming your identity as an expert in blockchain technology concepts. 

Which Certifications are Ideal for Professionals in 2022?

The selection of blockchain certification training courses could be a challenging task for beginners. However, you are less likely to have any problems when you can seek the top alternatives among certifications offered by reliable providers, such as 101 Blockchains. Here is an outline of the details about the top certifications offered by 101 Blockchains. 

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The tag of a certified blockchain professional could be yours with the CEBP certification. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification ensures that candidates develop the necessary skills required for guiding enterprises along blockchain transformation initiatives. CEBP-certified candidates can not only prove their knowledge regarding the basics of blockchain but also help in deciding the ideal course of action for blockchain projects.  

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification is a proven credential for proving your skills in designing blockchain solutions. CEBA certification training course emphasizes the concepts underlying blockchain architecture and the different blockchain use cases. Most important of all, CEBA-certified candidates could identify the suitable systems required for addressing the needs of clients. 

  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert

The identity of a Certified Blockchain Expert  in security could also ensure promising career development opportunities for aspiring blockchain professionals. You can use the CBSE certification training course to identify security concerns at different levels of blockchain solutions. At the same time, you can also build your skills and knowledge regarding best practices for blockchain security and risk mitigation strategies.  

  • Certified NFT Professional

The Certified NFT Professional certificate is a trusted choice for many blockchain professionals who want to learn about non-fungible tokens. Specializing in NFTs can add a significant marker to your portfolio as a blockchain professional. The CNFTP certification focuses profoundly on the basics of NFTs, their history, use cases, and the constantly evolving NFT projects ecosystem.

  • Certified Metaverse Professional

The topic of the metaverse and its role in defining the future of blockchain also calls for a Certified Blockchain Professional to learn about the metaverse. You can prove your knowledge of the technology behind the metaverse and how blockchain supports the development of the metaverse. The certification training course also reflects on some popular metaverse projects alongside the challenges and risks of the metaverse. 

  • Certified Web 3.0 Professional

The Certified Web 3.0 Professional or CW3P certification is one of the top blockchain certifications for professionals who want to move a step ahead. You can rely on the CW3P certification to develop a comprehensive impression of how web3 works and the role of blockchain in fuelling web3 developments.

Bottom Line 

The outline of the blockchain certification courses offered by 101 Blockchains offers distinct choices for your career development. As a reliable training course provider, 101 Blockchains has carved a niche reputation for its certifications. You can enjoy the privilege of learning from top industry experts and qualified instructors. 

Most important of all, the assurance of responsive support at all times helps learners complete the certification course training effectively. On top of it, the professional recognition of 101 Blockchains within the blockchain community offers advantages to certified candidates. Choose the right one and make the most of the blockchain certifications of your choice on 101 Blockchains.