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Top Blockchain Developers in Argentina 2022

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The increased use of crypto as a medium of exchange and an investment platform has seen a rise in blockchain development companies eager to tap into the ever-rising digital market. Blockchain software developers create Dapps (Decentralized Applications). These companies continue to rise by the day, and Argentina has not been left behind. Here is a list of blockchain developers in Argentina in 2022.


Accelone is a near shore software development company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Seattle. Accelone has a dedicated team of software developers, designers, and project managers committed to delivering high-quality results on time and within budget. Accelone develops blockchain software for its customers globally using software management tools that allow transparency into the clients’ projects. Their range of services includes app testing, UX/UI Design, and mobile app development. Accelone has Cartoon Network and Xapo as some of their high-profile clients.

Rather Labs Inc.

Rather labs Inc. is a software development company that deals with blockchain projects in finance, real estate, gaming, and other industries. Their software developers are well versed in product testing and can help their customers on their projects from their inception to the end and maintenance stage. Rather Labs Inc. prides itself in a superior after service and focuses mainly on Blockchain, custom software development, and a little on IT Staff augmentation. Rather Labs key clients are Nervous foundation and Gravity Gaming companies.


Cubix is an award-winning digital product development company that harnesses blockchain technology to bring real monetary value to the customer’s game, with unique asset ownership and investment opportunities. Cubix focuses 90% on mobile applications development and Blockchain, chatbot, and artificial machine learning solutions.


NaNLABS is a company located in Laplata, Argentina, and crafts high-quality Blockchain, web, and mobile applications, specializing in UX @UI strategic design and custom software development. The company has a cofounder platform in San Francisco, United States. NaNLABS’S portfolio comprises of cyber cube risk analytics and woodlot cloud security Symantec, and Flight Club.


Azuma is a near shore developer for web, mobile, and data apps located in Rosario, Argentina, and the United States. Azumo focuses on building intelligent web, cloud, and mobile applications for its customers through its team of competent software developers. Azumo focuses mainly on artificial intelligence, custom software development, and web development. Azumo has a broad clientele base of fortune 500 companies. Azumo’s key clients include Facebook, Twitter, Zaplabs, NCSOFT, and Discovery Channel. Azumo has a presence in the medical industry, financial services, and information technology. Azumo also focuses on Blockchain.


SimTLix is a software development company that focuses on simplifying new tech to solve companies’ needs. SimTLix focuses on custom software development, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence. SimTLix was founded in 2014, and they take pride in their portfolio of startups to Fortune 50 companies. SimTLix’s key clients include Avaya, Pulse secure, Motorola Claro, and Mavenir.


Jelsoft is a digital engineering company located in City Bell, Argentina, that offers services to manage technology-based projects. Jualsoft focuses equally on Blockchain, custom software development, and mobile app development. On Julasoft’s portfolio are Ministerio deciencia, Novomet (Russia) and ABSA Aguas Bonaerenses SA.