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Top Cars You Can Rent in Dubai on a Budget

Top Cars You Can rent in Dubai on a Budget

Dubai, the land full of fun and thrill, has a different place among tourists of this universe. People from all over the world come there to spend their holidays and enjoy thrilling vacations. Nothing can match the beauty and charm of this city in terms of tourism. From natural beauty to advancement, everything in this epic emirate seems to be from another world. The world’s biggest monuments are present there in the form of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Miracle Garden, etc.

Aside from all the beauty and charm of this emirate, luxury cars are also a major attraction in Dubai. You can easily rent a luxury car in this epic emirate. Whether you want to take G class rental Dubai or any other luxury car, you can get it easily from any car rental company. However, first-time visitors have to struggle to find a suitable luxury car to make their tour more remarkable. They may have to face the budget problem as well because they will not be aware of the affordable rental cars in Dubai.

We have brought the solution to this problem. We are going to tell you about some top cars that you can rent in Dubai on a budget. Their rental process will be low making them affordable for all of you. Let’s have a look at these cars.

Hyundai Elantra 

Hyundai Elantra is one of the top-rated Sedans ever produced. It is a perfect match with the vast roads of Dubai. A powerful engine and extra capacity make this car superb for any family tour. It is a typical five-seat car that can accommodate a short family for any tour. Due to its advanced features, it is termed as a smart car as well. It can monitor your sleep during driving. Real-time traffic warnings, forward collision warnings, automatic lights, and AC are the main features of this car.

 Apart from that, it has a 7-inch touch screen for display of the back camera results and other things. Along with all these features, the price of this car is very affordable. You can rent it in Dubai for a whole day for just AED 90 or 100. If your stay is long in Dubai then you can rent it for the whole month just paying around AED 2000.

Nissan Kicks

Nissan kicks is one of the pretty affordable rental cars in Dubai. However, it never means that it lags behind other cars in terms of features. It is a luxury car and is perfect to roam around Dubai. The main attraction of this car is an amazing exterior. This masterpiece by the Nissan Petrol car brand has a very unique and attractive exterior which makes people feel it is a luxury car.

The exterior is not the only thing where the company has invested. Its interior too is very luxurious. With spacious capacity and a powerful engine, this car is a perfect pick for any road trip in Dubai. It has several automatic features as well. Its rental price is very affordable. You can rent a Nissan kick for the whole week for AED 1000 or even less if you manage to get some discounts.

Toyota Land Cruiser

This car has earned a reputation as one of the best luxury cars in Dubai. You can estimate the popularity of this car by the fact that almost 23 percent or even more than that are willing to rent a Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai. This percentage is pretty high, especially in a city that has all luxury cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. A dual rear camera, four-zone air conditioner, and several wireless connections are the main features of this amazing car. The rental price is not very high for this luxury car. You can rent it for AED 300 to 500 per day.

Mercedes G Wagon

Mercedes has become a popular name in the world of luxury cars over the past few decades. It is pretty easy to rent G Wagon in Dubai. Its features are very advanced. Luxury appeared from every inch of this amazing car. Exterior to the interior, every part of the car is loaded with luxurious features. You can rent this car in Dubai at pretty affordable rates.

Bottom Line

No more worries about the budget as you can rent these affordable cars in Dubai. You should have to rent them from any of the reputed car rental companies. They should be a trusted car rental company in Dubai and will provide you with rental cars at the best price. You can also get several discounts and best deals when you are planning to hire cars for long term like weekly car rental in Dubai or monthly rental whatever is that and enjoy your vacation with Dubai’s beautiful and heart touching sceneries and places.