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Top Casino Movies On Netflix

'Cold Deck,' 'The Gambler' and 'KidPoker' Top the List

Netflix is the biggest TV and movie streaming service available around the world. It literally has something for everyone and when it comes to casino movies it’s no different. People love watching films with a casino theme or scenes, as they’re usually thrilling and gripping due to the amount of money that people could be set to win or lose. There have been plenty of movies over the years showing the highs and lows that people experience in casinos, when playing table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker; but which are the best on Netflix right now?

Cold Deck

Cold Deck is a film about Bobby, who’s a compulsive gambler and rapidly drowning in debt. He needs a way out and that way is to enter a high stakes game, with a plan, which he believes means he can’t lose. He’s already lost everything and even managed to empty his ill mother’s bank account too so this is literally the final throw of the dice. He wants to win enough to pay back what he owes, fix the damage done to his mother’s account and then walk away but will the plan work?

The Gambler

Jim Bennett reacts to his grandpa passing rather badly, heading out to gamble at an illegal casino. By the end of the night he ends up owing the casino owner and a gangster a lot of money. The story shows how Bennett sets about trying to fix the mess he has gotten himself into inside the time frame given to him by the people he owes. The gambling addict conjures up a few different methods but it all comes down to an all or nothing sitting at the casino, it’s his only chance to save himself.


KidPoker is less like a film and more like a documentary really. It depicts the life and achievements of one of the greatest poker players to have ever played the game, Daniel Negreanu. It goes right back to the early days, before he even made it big, giving viewers a great insight into his life and thinking. Negreanu is an expert when it comes to the game, visiting many casinos around the world, playing in many tournaments. It’s a great film for people who want to discover what it takes to get to the top, and how Negreanu went about doing it.

Win It All

Win It All is one of the latest casino movies to hit the Netflix catalogue. The main protagonist, Eddie Garrett, agrees to look after a bag for someone he knows who is going to prison for a short while. He’s told not to look in the bag, instead to just simply forget about its existence. Temptation becomes too much for Eddie and when he opens up the zipper he seems there’s cash and plenty of it. He ends up in debt as you would expect and then the film really takes off as he sets about trying to win back all the money he owes the bag.

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