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Top Entertaining Games That Will Help You Kill Boredom in the Office

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We’ve all experienced brief periods of boredom at work, and in some circumstances, days or even weeks. There may not be enough to keep you occupied because it is a quiet season for your company, you may have recently concluded a major project and have nothing more to do, or you may have plenty to do but find it difficult to concentrate because it is made up of mind-numbing duties. What activities can you engage in at work to pass the time without getting into trouble? “Trivia Question games”, word searches, word scrambles, and other activities can help.

Trivia games

In a trivia game, players (who can play separately or in a team) are given questions about various subjects and must provide as many accurate responses as possible. Trivia competitions are frequently held as entertainment at bars, events, offices, and gatherings. Participants in competitions are typically grouped into teams, and the team with the highest score wins.

The game is designed so that the competitors can have fun playing. It has the added benefit of increasing and expanding their knowledge, whether it be general information or knowledge in more specialized areas. Its primary goal is to foster conversation and constructive argument among participants. Here are some examples of interesting office trivia questions from for passing the time at work.

1. What Is the name of the person that invented the office cubicle?

Answer- Robert Propst

2. In which year was Google Maps created?

Answer- 2005

3. The Office Server is a component of the ______?

Answer- workplace server

4. What Is the full meaning of WWW?

Answer- world wide web

5. A Google software that is used to carry out excel assignments is called?

Answer –  Google sheets

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Word Search Puzzles

The letters of words are arranged in a grid, which is often rectangular or square, in a word search puzzle. The goal of this puzzle is to locate and label every word hidden inside the box. Words may be arranged vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It can be a great way to kill boredom in the office. Here are 10 websites you can look up for fun word search puzzles.

  • Super Teacher
  • Wordsearch Fun
  • Word Search Generator
  • Puzzle Fast
  • Fun Brain (Word Turtle)
  • Armoured Penguin
  • Superkids
  • Puzzle Maker
  • Discovery Educations Puzzle Maker

 Crossword Puzzles

A crossword is a type of word puzzle that often consists of squares or a rectangular grid of squares with black and white borders. The objective is to find the answers to the clues to place letters in the white squares to create words or sentences. Traditional newspapers and publications in North America use crossword grids with solid white square spaces. Each letter is verified to ensure that it appears in both “across” and “down” words, and typically at least three letters are required for each response. Shaded squares are often only allowed in around one-sixth of these problems.  

Crossword puzzles can help you beat boredom and are excellent for your brain. 

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Word scramble 

When someone plays a word scramble game, the letters that potentially form a meaningful word are randomly scrambled or mixed. To create a meaningful sentence, players must rearrange the letters. The game is more akin to the exercises you performed as a child to learn words and spellings. To create a word with meaning, vowels and consonants must be placed in the right order. Unscrambling the word ATE, for instance, reveals the word EAT. Another example is “CIPFICA.” If you rearrange the letters, “PACIFIC” will appear. Good!!

Classic Games

What makes a game classic? A game is considered classic because it has been enjoyed by many across the world over a long period of time. Games such as Dominoes and Backgammon have a simple gameplay style that can be quickly learned. Today, these games are easily accessible and can help you stay entertained in the office. For example, Backgammon, where you move the pieces off the board before your opponent does, can be played online. 


Playing trivia games will give you some serious mental benefits in addition to giving you something to do while you’re at work and giving you a tonne of random information you’ll probably never need:

Aside from increased memory, cognition, and brain performance under stress, you’ll experience a significant decrease in stress.